Friday, September 12, 2014

Southern Charm 3: On the Green

Flashy, flamboyant Malcolm Bissette falls head-over-heels at sixteen when he sees the landscaper, Reece Simpson, after returning with Dakota Mitchell from Orlando and working at the Southern Delights. A decade passes while his crush grew, the man haunts his wet dreams, but there is no acknowledgment. With changes happening around the Charm, Reece is back, working to clear the overgrowth. Mal vows to forget everything he felt until Reece changes all the rules.

Catching sight of a certain sous chef, Reece stays away from the underage boy as he grows into a slender, flamboyant man. Preferring plants to people, he is quick and easy with relationships. Realizing he wastes five years thinking Mal is still a kid, Reece learns everything he can about his young adoration. He changes tactics, unwilling to let another man have him. Steadfast in work and life, he isn't sure about the unpredictable attitude of a chef, who changes hair color on a whim.

What will it be like to have Mal in bed? Would it make the summer afternoons even steamier? 

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