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The Captain of the Manor - Chapter 11

Happy Hallowe'en!

Here is the FINAL chapter for The Captain of the Manor! I hope everyone enjoyed my M/M ghost story. I hope to have a full downloadable version up soon.

Come on back and join me the week of Thanksgiving (in America) for a special blog story about a M/M couple and the perfect turkey feast. Bad things will be done to those precious birds, but all in good fun.


The Captain of the Manor
Chapter 11

Not wanting to rush this night, Edmund leaned back to break the kiss, framed Aiden's face between his hands, and met his dazed, darkened gaze behind the lenses. "We're not rushing tonight."

"No. Definitely not rushing, but I so want to see you nekkid," Aiden said with a lopsided smile.

Laughing, Edmund released Aiden and stepped back. He tried to flash to his ghost form to dissolve his clothes, but he didn't change.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't flash to my ghost form." Edmund held out a hand to call the bottle of lube on the nightstand to him, but the bottle didn't even wobble. "I don't have any powers."

"Nothing but the most important one tonight," Aiden said as he moved closer, pressing a hand to Edmund's chest. "You're alive. Your heart is beating. It's everything you would have when the daylight reaches us."

"Guess she put restraints on me so we do things the old fashioned way tonight."

"No tricks."

"No treats," Edmund finished.

Aiden laughed as his fingers moved to the buttons on Edmund's deep charcoal gray shirt. He unfastened each one to reveal the warmed skin. "When this works…"

"If this works…"

Aiden pulled in his lower lip and shook his head. "When. I'm insisting on when. When this works, we're getting you into some color with this wardrobe. Gray, black, and white is all you have and I don't like it."

"You don't?"

"Doesn't work with your coloring, you need some color."

"What about your things? When this works, will you move here with me? We can run the Manor together. I'll let you write the Carslyle history."

"I don't know if anyone would believe the truth. I may have to twist it into fiction, create a masterful cursed pirate ghost from you."

"Privateer, darling. I was a privateer, licensed by the government."

"Semantics… Now?"

"Making sure you get my title correct."

"Your title is Captain."

"No, it's lover. Now hurry up with those buttons."

"So bossy," Aiden teased as he moved his hands over the rest of the buttons.

Edmund untucked Aiden's pale green shirt from the slim fitting jeans, faded with age and wear. He gathered the hem and lifted it up and over Aiden's head, forcing him to pull his hands back to get out. Impatient, Edmund finished his shirt, yanked it off, and tossed it the same direction.

The rest of their clothes soon followed before they tumbled across the wide expanse of the bed, limbs twisting and tangling around one another as they jockeyed for position. Finally, Edmund grabbed Aiden's wrists in one hand, twisted until he was on top, and splayed Aiden's arms above his head.

"Do I need to tie you to the bed?"

Aiden's eyes widened at the playful threat. "I wanna touch."

"Not yet. If you touch me, I'll explode and you'll have no fun."

Aiden pouted and wrapped his fingers around the bars. "I'm at your mercy, Captain."

"I like the sound of it."

"Not forever. Now get to it."

Shaking his head, Edmund kissed Aiden long and deep, tongue playing along the gums and palate. He nibbled on the plump lower lip. "Your glasses are steaming."

"Damn, I know…"

"Can you see me this close?"


Edmund moved one hand to pull off the glasses, folded the arms, and placed them on the nightstand. He looked back at Aiden, kissed his closed eyelids, and smiled. "You're cute without them."

"Gives me a professor look as if I truly know what I'm talking about when I'm standing in front of a class," Aiden said, opening his eyes to meet Edmund's gaze.

Laughing, not sure anything would help adorable Aiden look scholarly and respectable, Edmund made his way down Aiden's body. He used nibbles, licks, and sucking flesh to make his marks on the pale skin, as he learned what attracted and drawn out a response. Hearing those wonderful sounds, Edmund slid his tongue into the bellybutton and twirled it around before he nibbled on one hipbone. He bypassed the smooth cock, curled and bobbing for attention against a nest of curls, a darker color than on Aiden's head, and a small glory train heading to his bellybutton. Using his body, he forced a relaxed Aiden to open his legs wider as he trailed kisses and nips down both legs, found hidden ticklish spots behind the knees, and smooth skin around the hips. The legs were lightly furred, nothing heavy, and interesting textures.

Moving back up Aiden's sweat-dampened body, he knelt back, snatched a pillow, and shoved it under Aiden's hips, lifting and opening him so he could see the waiting hidden opening. He encouraged Aiden to open his legs and pull them back further. He reached out for the bottle of lube and flipped open the top. He paused and found a wrapped condom. He held up the foil packet and twitched it between them. "Condom?"

"You've been a ghost for over 200 years. I don't think you could catch anything."

"No, but what about you."

"I'm clean, for the last five years."

"Is that the last time someone took your wonderful ass?"

Aiden nibbled on his lower lip.

"I'll go slow and make sure you're well opened and lubricated." Edmund tossed the wrapper back on the stand and squeezed lube on his fingers. He covered his thickened, ruddy cock, spreading it slow over the shaft and head as Aiden squinted his eyes to watch. "Can you see?"

"Yeah… I can see, wanna touch."

"Not yet. Next round is all yours."

Aiden's eyes widened. "You'll let me top you."

"Of course."


Edmund squeezed more lube on his fingers and against Aiden's raised cock and ass. "You look so good like this, all ready and positioned for me." He set the lube back on the stand, rubbed his thumb over his fingers to warm the silky fluid, and pressed his fingers against the taint. He massaged and rubbed the skin between the base of the cock and ass.

Aiden moaned and gripped the bars. His cock wept small spurts of precum from the slit. "Please…"

Sliding his fingers down, Edmund rimmed the tight hole to tease the skin. He pushed one finger against the opening and felt Aiden's body give over to his entrance. Hearing Aiden groan, he moved his finger, added a second to stretch him, and thrust them in and out over the multitude of nerve endings. Taking his time, he added two more fingers and reached for the P-spot inside the passage to make Aiden wiggle and cry out with pleasure.

"Please. Get your cock inside me now!" Aiden dropped a hand to grasp his cock, stroking the hardness, and pinched the base to withhold his climax.

Pulling his fingers out, Edmund adjusted Aiden's thighs and aimed his eager cock for the prepared hole. He placed one hand above the pillow, stared into Aiden's dark passion-darkened gaze, and tilted his hips forward. He felt the tight passage open and clamp around his cockhead like a vise. He groaned along with Aiden at the sensation.

"Damn, you're so tight around me," he said on the edge of a moan, leaned down to capture Aiden's lips with his. He wrapped his fingers around Aiden's hand around his cock and helped his lover stroke himself.

"You feel so good," Aiden said. "Move."

Doing what Aiden demanded, Edmund pushed deeper until his balls hit Aiden's ass. Pulling back, he braced his hands on the mattress. He started a deep, almost punishing rhythm for both of them as he slid in and out of Aiden's passage.

"Move… Harder…"

Altering his angle a little, Edmund knew he found the P-spot and dinged it several times with his cockhead on both strokes when Aiden started to shout, curse, and cry out with his pleasure. Aiden's passage quivered, shuddered, and clamped hard around Edmund's cock. He felt Aiden lift his hips once hard as he shouted his release, his cock spurting semen across his belly. Unable to stop, Edmund pushed once more and exploded deep in Aiden's body.

As he softened, Edmund pulled out, yanked the pillow from Aiden's body, and dropped to the bed behind him. He turned them into spoon fashion, gathering Aiden against him. He snagged the edge of a sheet to clean Aiden's belly of spunk before it dried.

"Give me a minute…" Aiden said as he tried to remember how to breathe.

"Take your time, darling. I'm going nowhere," he said.

His words rang true as they came together three times, collapsing for a last time in a sweaty, dirty heap amongst the mangled sheets and covers, pillows tossed all over. Both of them draped over each other in various positions.

The sun rose slowly over the ocean, spreading its rays inside the bedroom, and curling around the lovers.

Edmund felt the rays first, having not felt the sun's warmth for over two hundred years. He lifted his hand and manipulated his fingers through the sunlight, feeling the radiance.

"Edmund…" Aiden said, clutching his arms around his lover.

Edmund stared down at Aiden, leaned down, and kissed him. "I'm not leaving you, I promise you."

"Don't leave… Please…" Aiden framed Edmund's face between his hands, kissing him over and over.

There was a crackling sound and Edmund screamed as his body spasm hard. He dropped boneless across Aiden's body. Aiden screamed as he wrapped his arms around him and flipped them. He placed his hand against Edmund's cheek, calling his name.

Eyelids fluttered and Edmund groaned under the attention. He opened his eyes to stare at a pale Aiden, eyes wide behind glasses he haphazardly shoved on his nose. "I feel…"


"I feel complete. Whole. I'm one again." Edmund placed a hand against his sternum, realizing the priestess gave him his soul back.

Aiden thumped his shoulder hard with a fist.

"Ow… What was that for?"

"Scaring the living shit out of me, blasted pirate."



Edmund grinned. "Lover. Husband. Mate."

"Sounds good to me. Next Hallowe'en though, give me a damn bar of chocolate and no more mojo magick."

"I'll remember to do my best in accommodating your wishes," Edmund said as he flipped them over and made love to the chosen one to rescue him from the endless boring curse. Cursed no more, he could love this man with his entire heart, life, and soul. Especially his soul.


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The Captain of the Manor - Chapter 10

The Captain of the Manor
Chapter 10

Their talks lasted through dinner and hours of research before Aiden collapsed on the bed in a deep sleep. When he woke, he saw Edmund sitting back in the chair next to the bed, reading from one of his family's books.

The day continued from there. Both of them acknowledge the day was Hallowe'en and Edmund's last full day of this corporeal portion of life. If perhaps his last day at all according to the words of the priestess.

They spent the entire day together, talking about everything from Edmund's earlier life, to his life as a ghost, rebuilding the manor into a popular bed and breakfast, and even the lonely portions of his existence. They discussed sections of the books. Aiden wrote down every word of the initial curse, the additional one when he tried to cross the threshold of Edmund's room, and the words of the priestess.

Over a late lunch, he continued to read the words, scratching notes, and thought about his future prospects. He was pissed to find an email from the company in Boston decided to hire internally for their position, but would keep his information on file.

"Just my luck," he muttered.

"What is wrong?" Edmund asked.

"The job offer fell through. They're going internal," Aiden said with a shake of his head.

"Which means you're back to the beginning of your job search?"

"Or I could accept your proposal to help you break the curse. It appears my life is rearranging to meet with yours. Could be part of the curse, bringing me full circle to find and help you." Aiden shrugged.

"You would do this for me."

"I would," Aiden said as he closed the laptop. He raised hands over his head for a full body stretch. "The sun is going down."

Edmund stared only at Aiden, ignoring everything around him. His form flickered with his concentration.

Rising, Aiden strolled over to Edmund, taking more care than ever, used a finger to push back his glasses, and placed his hands on the arms of the chair. He leaned forward, smiled, and captured Edmund's in a soft, lingering kiss. One of his hands lifted to curl around Edmund's cheek, the skin smooth and cool as marble under his touch. There was a flicker of energy, mist, but nothing to show he was truly alive.

Pulling back, he stared deep into Edmund's gaze.

"Aiden… I couldn't ask you to do…"

"You don't have to ask. I agree. Come, we need to do this in your room. What else do we need?"

"Candles, moonlight, and hope," Edmund said as he stood, brushing against Aiden's body.

"And lube. Lots of lube," Aiden said with a grin. "Though, I hope neither one of us needs to stay inside the other the entire night, because… umm… ow."

Edmund laughed as he wrapped an arm around Aiden's waist and led him out of the room. "No, I don't think it will be necessary. Perhaps we should make love a couple of times to prove our love for one another or the beginnings of love."

"I'll definitely second those ideas and I insist on lots of cuddling for the rest of the time."

"I say that sounds good and hope I can cuddle you for a long time beyond one night. I never thought I would even have the chance to end this curse. My life seemed to stretch endless ahead of me."

"We'll make it better if this all works," Aiden said.

This time, Edmund made sure to open the door instead of ghosting through. "I learned after last time."

Aiden broke out into laughter at the sheepish smile on Edmund's face.

They stopped at the threshold, not because of a spell, but the transformation of the interior room.

"Umm. This isn't your room, is it?" Aiden asked as he looked around at the lavish blankets, pillows, the bed piled with more, breezy curtains flowing with the sea breeze, a fire roaring in the hearth, and candles flickering everywhere.

"Not the way I left it earlier," Edmund said as he stepped forward and stopped to stare in a corner. "Priestess…"

"What…" Aiden moved until he was behind Edmund, his hands clutched his waistband as he poke his face around Edmund's shoulder. He saw the shadowy image become clearer of a dark-skinned female with her hair wrapped in a colorful cloth and her clothes were gauzy and flowing. She wore several amulets around her neck and waist.

"Happy All Hallow's Eve, gentlemen. Captain Edmund Carslyle, the one who doomed my love to death and cursed by myself, do you come into the relationship under your own free will and bidding?" the priestess intoned.

"I do," Edmund said, not arguing any points tonight.

"Aiden Joseph, the one who entered this manor without pretense or knowledge of the aforementioned curse, do you come into this relationship under your own free will and bidding?"

Aiden blinked and fixed his glasses. "I do, Priestess."

"So polite, dear boy," the woman said with a smile, bright against her skin. "By your free will and power of this night, I open the spiritual world and release you from your curse this evening, Captain Edmund Carslyle. If the two of you prove a love strong between you, life will remain beating in your heart, your soul replaced intact. If you break apart and are false with one another, Captain Edmund Carslyle, your soul and life is mine and you will cease living among this world."

Edmund swallowed under his throat. "I understand, Priestess, please do thy bidding with me."

Aiden clutched him tighter to support the man.

Raising her hands, the priestess chanted and spoke with her spirits and gods until a line of smoke flared from the fire and wrapped around Edmund, forcing him away from Aiden's grip.

"Edmund!" Aiden called out, but couldn't get through the barrier.

Edmund cried out as his body twisted and contorted under the power. He dropped to his knees, suddenly feeling the weight of the world and loss upon his body. He pressed a hand against his chest.

It was there. The strong beating of his heart.

"You have until the rise of the sun to prove your commitment or your soul returns to me with the first rays of the sun across the water. Mark this time well," the priestess said and disappeared along with the barrier around Edmund.

"Edmund! Damn, not again… Edmund!" Aiden shouted as he banged his fists against the barrier. When it disappeared, he almost faceplanted, but balanced himself out. Seeing Edmund on his knees, he dropped and crawled to him. "Edmund? Oh, Edmund, talk to me." He reached out and pressed one hand to Edmund's shoulder and another on his back. The sensation of touching him was different and astounding. "Oh… my… god…"

"I'm alive…" Edmund said.


Not wanting to waste a minute of his one night with Aiden, Edmund twisted until he captured Aiden's face between his hands and pressed his lips against him. Their tongues dueled, tangled, and plied against one another. The kiss sloppy, wet, and full of need.

"One night. My night with you… Now…" Edmund said, catching his breath.

Lips swollen, eyes bright with passion, Aiden gave him a lopsided smiled. "You got it, pirate."


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The Captain of the Manor - Chapter 9

The Captain of the Manor
Chapter 9

"I haven't decided what to do as of this moment," Edmund admitted after long minutes of pregnant silence filled the space between them. "Please, may we sit and discuss what is happening? Perhaps over in the sitting area."

Wanting answers himself, Aiden stood and led the other male to the small sitting area in the far corner of the generous suite. He settled in one of the armchairs, kicked off his shoes, and pulled his legs up to one side. He rested an elbow on the arm and leaned his head on his raised hand.

Edmund followed and chose the opposite armchair, turning it a little to face Aiden. He leaned back, folded his fingers together across his lap. "I… I find myself at a loss of words. I have no idea what to say."

"You're not the only one. Quite a predicament we're in together. This definitely was not on the list of what to expect on my first trip with a ghost hunter team."

"To find an actual ghost cursed by a voodoo priestess over 200 years ago to live a half life except during the autumn."

"There is all that…"

"What else?"

"Loss of a job. Loss of income. A gorgeous suite given to me for free within an ancient manor set along the Carolina coast." Aiden paused, tilted his head against his hand. "A man I find myself attracted too."

"I'm grateful to hear you're attracted to me. For I'm the same with you, the moment I saw you outside the window the day you arrived. I almost forgot about the paranormal hunters at the sight of you."

Aiden felt a flush creep up his neck.

"Since I was the cause of your job loss by my refusal to allow them in my home, I felt responsible for offering a suite. When there was a bit of trouble with your card, I decided to cover the cost of the suite."

"Trouble with my card?"

"There weren't enough funds to cover a single night in our smallest room," Edmund admitted.

Aiden groaned and lowered his face in his palm.

Edmund reached out and covered Aiden's knee with his hand. "Please… Do not trouble yourself…"

"I have too. I have no money, no job, and no way to cover rent or bills or anything. I have a doctorate and several masters with the loans to match and none of them are doing me any good."

"Please wait here a moment." Edmund disappeared from the room before Aiden couldn't blink.

"Sometimes I wish I could learn that trick," Aiden muttered.

"No, you don't for it comes with a serious mess of other problems," Edmund said as he reappeared next to Aiden's chair.

Aiden pressed a hand to his chest and jumped. "Jeepers, you scared the crap out of me."

With a chuckle, Edmund shrugged. "I thought you would prefer to hear the issues with my little disappearing trick."

"What are those?"

Edmund carried several large leather-bound books and a medium-size trunk in his arms. He placed everything on the floor next to Aiden. "These are books, maps, logs, and journals for my entire family line and history. In addition to what little research I did into my curse."

Aiden reached down and picked up one large book as Edmund returned to his chair. He took extra care with the old leather and musty paper. He loved the smell of old books and what they hid from the world. "I feel like I need cotton gloves or something to protect the pages."

"Oh. I have some," Edmund said as he performed the same disappearing act.

Shaking his head, Aiden brushed away some dust from the cover. Carslyle – A History of a Sailing Family was engraved into a simple copper plate.

"Some gloves for you. The pages don't react to my hands since I'm not completely human," Edmund said as he held out a pair of white cotton gloves.

Aiden looked away from the book and nodded. "Thank you," he said as he pulled on the gloves to protect the delicate pages from the oils on his hands. "This is your family history?"

"Hmm. It includes the old generations in Great Britain, when one side of the family immigrated to the New World, and continues from there. One of my distant nieces or nephews is working on another edition of the newer lines and descendants." Edmund moved to sit, but stopped. "Do you require anything else before I sit?"

"Not yet," Aiden said as he grinned.

"Perhaps I'll stay seated for longer than a minute this time."


Edmund sat down and crossed his legs at the ankles.

"Well, there was…" Aiden started and broke into chuckles when Edmund raised a single eyebrow. "Kidding. I'm kidding."

Edmund shook his head.

"Please, tell me everything about your conversation with the priestess, if you can," Aiden said as he changed books, opened the trunk, and found a delicate journal dated the time Edmund disappeared and in strong, decisive writing. "Is this yours?"

"Hmm. A chronicle of my last voyage, details of the curse, and after reappearing within my home, lost and uncertain of what happened. I included notes about how I learned to manipulate items, energy, and other things. There are also details about my first autumn experience after the curse."

Sitting back with the journal on his lap, Aiden flipped through the pages, some yellowed with age, others stained from time and wear, and smudges of the fountain pen and ink. "Please, could you tell me what happened with the priestess?"

With a nod, Edmund settled back against the chair and recounted his words with the priestess to Aiden, who listened, nodded at times, stunned at others, and twitching to write notes. During the telling, Edmund retrieved a pad and pen for Aiden, who grinned and wrote copious notes. He repeated various sections, striving for the details Aiden yearned for to understand.

When it was done after several takes, they both noticed the windows were darker as the sun finished setting.

"Are you hungry? I could call down for dinner?"

"I would love something," Aiden said as he kept his attention on the notes.

With a nod, Edmund rose and went to the phone. He dialed to the kitchen and ordered dinner for two to be delivered to the suite.


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The Captain of the Manor - Chapter 8

The Captain of the Manor
Chapter 8

Searching throughout the manor and asking various employees where Edmund was hiding and getting nowhere, Aiden stomped back into his room. He yanked off his sweater and tossed it across the room in a fit. Dropping in a chair with a plop, he huffed out a breath and leaned his head back, contemplating staring at the ceiling.

His laptop beeped several times, alerting him to either messages or emails.

Grumbling, knowing none of it would be good news, he shoved up and walked to the table. Bracing one hand on the wooden surface, he used his free hand to move across the pad, click, and enter the programs. He plopped hard in a chair when he saw an email about one of the several job apps he sent in over the last few days. Clicking it open, he fixed his glasses, and shoved a hand through his hair, grasping the back of his neck.

It was good.

It was damn good.

They wanted him to call to interview him.

Bad news. The opening was in Boston, not back home in Orlando, Florida, or even here by the manor.

"Boston? Snow?" Aiden shook his head. "Job, it's a job. You need a job to pay the damn bills. Suck it up." He scrambled to find his phone and dialed the number. When it connected, he swallowed, fixed his glasses, and said, "Hello, this is Doctor Aiden Joseph, I'm calling about an interest in my application."

Speaking with the right person for the last hour, Aiden felt things went well when he looked up as Edmund appeared in his room and changing to his corporeal form.

"Thank you, Mr Stevens, for your interest and time. I look forward to hearing from you within the next few days concerning my application. If you prefer a face-to-face interview, I would be happy to travel to Boston to meet with you," Aiden said and saw Edmund stop and lift an eyebrow. "Yes, sir. Goodbye." He clicked off his phone. "Well, where have you been?"

"Are you leaving the manor?"

"I can't stay here taking up a room forever. I need to either return home to Florida or find somewhere I can earn a living," Aiden said as he set the phone on the desk.

"Somewhere like Boston."

"It's the first company who expressed an interest in one of my job applications. At this point, I don't care where it's located. I'll relocate if I must."

"You could relocate here to the manor."

Aiden fixed his glasses. "And do what, Edmund? Live on your good graces."

"You are a researcher, correct?"

"In basic terms, yes."

"You could finish research about my family and past and create a book."

"There have been six other books written and never published about you, the curse, and the manor."

"None of those writers wrote the truth. They were filled with falsehoods and misstatements. I wouldn't let such trash be produced."

"Is this the same reason why you don't let ghost hunters within your home though it would draw more of a crowd and earning?"

"I don't believe in such science. I prefer to protect my family, the name, and the manor's reputation than let some of those people traipse throughout my home, creating disaster and falsehoods so they can get ratings."

"Yet you would allow me to dig through all of your stories, documents, and other items to write such work you never wanted done before."

"I trust you."

"You barely know me."

"The curse allows you to see me, hear me, touch me, and it accepted you at the gateway to the epicenter of my prison." Edmund stepped forward. "How could I not trust you when it has never done such a thing to another person in my lifetime?"

Aiden fixed his glasses again and leaned back in the chair, crossing one ankle across his knee. "You certainly didn't believe in all this when it was happening."

"I was in a bit of shock."

"You told me to get the hell out."

"I don't believe I put it quite like that."

"It came close." Aiden shoved a hand through his hair. "Look, Edmund, I don't know what is happening around here. If you need me to help break this curse, I'll stay and help. After I'll leave and return to my life and you can live out yours. I'm not the type to shove myself down anyone's pants."

Edmund took another step forward and settled in a chair. "I don't understand what you're saying. Other than the part of you helping me."

Aiden waved a hand. "Doesn't matter. I don't understand myself half the time." He massaged his forehead.

"Are you not feeling well?"

"I have a headache."

"Have you taken medication for it?"

Aiden shook his head.

"Do you wish me to leave?"

Aiden shook his head again.

"What do wish for me to do?"

He looked at the other man, saw the slight flickering around the edges as if Edmund lost his concentration with his concern and worry, and lowered his gaze.

"Okay. The priestess came to me when I left the manor."

"You said you couldn't leave."

"Only to appear within the lighthouse. These are the only two places I'm confined too."

"Oh. Did you see the priestess or her shadow?"

"She appeared in full view and spoke to me. I called her out about what happened and what she wanted from me. I didn't expect an answer from the woman."


"The choice is mine to accept or leave. Either my curse will be finished or I will slip away from this world."

"What about me?"

"The curse will do no harm to you. If you leave, your life is your own."

"Seems odd I won't be connected to things."

"I made her promise and swear you would be left alone whatever I decide."

"What did you decide?"

Edmund kept silent as he stared at Aiden. Neither one moving for long moments. The silence grew between them.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Captain of the Manor - Chapter 7

The Captain of the Manor
Chapter 7

"What the hell is going on around here?" Aidan asked as he looked around after the event. He shoved a hand through his wild tangled hair, but didn't move from the threshold.

Edmund remained kneeling on the ground, arms around his body as it flickered from his corporeal to ghost form several times. His mouth opened in a scream, but there was no sound.

"Edmund? Edmund, what happened? Are you all right?"

Before Aiden could move, the balcony doors burst open and smoke and ashes blew through, encircling them. The wavy image of a female in tribal like clothing appeared.

Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust Twist and bend the bones of thy enemy I bring pain With this curse to learn thy soul and heart I control the soul with eternal fire On all hallows' eve my curse can be undone Touch not heart before By the light of the full moon take thy heart in thy body Pledge forever more and become corporeal By sun rise you will be forever gone or leave the shadows With the eternal fires out of control With this curse I release thy soul This is my will let it be done
The woman faded away along with the wind, smoke, and a few strange scents. Aiden braced his hands on the doorframe at the last burst.

"Leave. Please leave," Edmund said in a low strangled tone.


Edmund glared at him and turned away. "Leave."

"What happened?"

"No other man who crossed the entrance was touched by my curse. Not in almost 300 years has the blasted image of the priestess appeared to me. Only by your step over my threshold, the barrier of my prison, did she take notice," Edmund said.

"Which means?"

"On All Hallows' Eve, I will either die permanently or become a man."

"Can you choose to remain cursed?"

"Why would I continue my existence?"

Aiden stepped forward but stopped when Edmund held up a hand.

"Leave, please. Return to your room. I will not ask someone to endure my cursed existence."

"You would rather die. Without your soul, you'll be damned."

"I've already been damned the moment the curse will lay upon. Finally, I will be at peace and rest. My life over. It is done," Edmund said and disappeared from Aiden's view.

"Edmund! Damn you, get your misty ass back here and talk to me," Aiden demanded to the room, slamming his fist against the doorframe. "Edmund! You rotten stinking ghost! Fine! Have at it. I was willing to offer myself for you, but screw you, Captain."

Turning, Aiden yanked on the ancient handle and the door slammed behind him. He stomped down the hall, the stairs, and found his way on the porch and boardwalk leading to the beach. Kicking off his shoes and socks, Aiden left them at the end. Rolling up his pants, he stepped on the sand, cool with the evening air and breeze. He strolled up and down the beach, thinking, considering options, and wondering what the hell he was going to do. Hours later, exhausted, he plopped his ass in the sand and stared over the dark water, the gentle waves with the misty breaks rolling up the beach.

* * * *

Appearing in the lower lighthouse's abandoned caretaker's room, Edmund shoved hands through his hair. Since he oversaw the conversion of the lighthouse to electrical, there wasn't a need for a caretaker to remain on the property since it could be monitored from the manor. Instead, he used it as a reclusive area throughout the rest of the year. He hated having people walk through his form. It bothered him at how he couldn't interact with anyone.

Now this chance, this appearance of the priestess who ruined his entire life, and his entire world was turned upside down. There was no possible way he could dare ask Aiden to do what the priestess said. Why would a young gorgeous man wish to move into the manor and stay with him? He was over 300 years old. How long could he even have if this scheme to end the curse worked?

"Damn you, priestess, why do you enter my life? Why must you continue to torture me and my heart? I resigned myself to this position in life. I'm secured in who I am and why I do to survive year after year. Why now? Why him?" Edmund called out.

Never expecting an answer, the erotic ancient spices of the magic flowed around him. Where there were no candles, tall pillars appeared and flamed high. A fireplace roared to life in the empty hearth.

Spinning around, Edmund saw the voodoo priestess walk through a wall, dressed in her traditional attire. She became more solid in appearance. Her skin was a beautiful copper brown of mixed heritage. Her eyes were dark and ageless, but filled with knowledge and power.

"Do you not wish to return to mortal man and retain your soul? Is this not what you dream from the night you were cursed to regain your life? I watch you these many long years, Captain Edmund Carslyle. I was verra angry at the death of my beloved Bartolomeo and cursed you with all my might."

"Aye, you did but I wasn't the cause of his death," Edmund said.

"You ordered the attack and plunder of his ship. You were the cause, the order was yours. There was no other to rescind the order," she said, pointing her finger at him.

Edmund held up his hands, knowing he would never win against the priestess. "What do you me to do with this cursed life?"

"See the error of your ways and open your empty heart. The dalliances of young men meant nothing to you. You saw them as a means to an end. Lives weren't involved. Hearts were left to themselves to break and reform. You had no care other than your own."

Why would he bother to care for others when they knew he didn't exist beyond the manor? There was nothing he could do to change his circumstances.

"This young man opened your heart the moment you saw him, wanted him, and yearned for him. Deep in the hole where I took your soul. He is to you what my Bartolomeo was to me."

"Do not harm him, Priestess. He has done nothing wrong but appear upon my doorstep."

"Which you let him enter and stay without payment."

"He was left alone after I tossed out his boss. What could I do?"

"Close the door upon him."

"Nay, I couldn't leave him outside."

"Your heart wanted him."

"My cock wanted him."

The priestess shook her head. "Look deeper, Captain Edmund Carslyle. You will find the answers you seek."

"What about Aiden?"

"He will live."

"Beyond All Hallows' Eve?"

"My promise. My curse will not harm him."

"And me?"

"Choose well. Die or live."

"For how long?"

"For you to decide," she said and disappeared along with the flames and scents.

"Some damn answer," Edmund said to the empty room and paced the room.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Captain of the Manor - Chapter 6

The Captain of the Manor
Chapter 6

"Well, I'm touching you right now. It feels weird," Aiden said as he moved his fingers around.

"What do I feel like in this form?"

"Not as solid, cold, and something feels a little swirly, like mist, under my fingers," Aiden said. "I want to try something else."

"Please do so, I wish to figure out how this is happening."

Aiden leaned forward, paused, and looked at the man. "You do prefer male lovers, correct?"

"I do and I know it's a known lifestyle, if not completely accepted by some small minded people. Things were a little different during my time, we stayed in the shadows."

"What about the ship?"

"As Captain, I could do what I wish, but there were a few young men similar to me and didn't mind warming my bed. Why do you ask?"

"I don't want to be slugged or have you disappear." Aiden grinned and leaned in before he could change his mind. He pressed his lips against the captain's mouth, feeling the odd wispy sensation, and cool skin. His fingers moved until they touched the man's jaw.

Under his touch, Edmund opened his mouth to accept the kiss, moving his hands to place them on Aiden's hips. He tugged on the man until Aiden widened his stance and knelt on either side of Edmund's lap. He moved his hands over Aiden's ass, pressing their bodies together. Again, Aiden didn't move through his ghostly form, but pressed against him.

Aiden pulled back and stared at Edmund. "Damn, you're one helluva kisser," he said, nipping at the captain's lips.

"I could say the same about you. You've done this before," Edmund said.

"I have, but not recently."

"I'm pleased you chose me to kiss."

"Could you umm…return?"

"To my corporeal form."

"Please. It feels a bit strange to kiss you like this or do more."


"It's what you desire, right?"

"Yes, but only if you feel the same."

"I do." Aiden pushed off the chair and found his feet again. He held out his hands to the captain. "Stay with me tonight."

"Would you like to come to my home? It's next to yours."

"Do this on purpose for your nefarious gain?"

Edmund laughed as he rose, flowing into his corporeal solid form. "No, it was only to keep an eye out for your well-being. I've been worried about you."

"A difficult time at the moment, but I'm grateful and pleased to be here with you," Aiden said and looked around. "I'll leave all this here. For now."

"For now. Yes," Edmund said as he took Aiden's hand in his and tugged him toward the door.

Hand in hand, they left and secured Aiden's room before moving to the grand master suite of the manor, left off limits to all customers. Edmund stepped through the solid door, his form shifting.

"Edmund… Edmund! Solid here. I'm solid," Aiden called out before he thunked against the door. "Ow…"

"Oh blast it all and damn! I'm so sorry," Edmund said as his head appeared in the middle of the door. "I'm so sorry, I completely forgot. You were touching me fine and…" He stepped and disappeared.

Rubbing his nose, Aiden grinned as he heard the locks click and the door opened with a chagrined captain standing in the doorway. "Keep it lock from the inside, huh?"

"I never need a key," Edmund said. "Are you all right?"

"Bumped my nose, but I'm quite all right." Aiden fixed his glasses which were lopsided.

"Come inside my room, please." Edmund blushed and looked behind him.

"What is it?" Aiden stepped forward and placed a hand on Edmund's arm.

"You're the first man, other than staff, to step inside my suite. If I met with another guest, it was always within their suite. Never mine."

"Do you want to return to mine?"

"No. No. This feels right. You can touch me in either form. Perhaps… There is something more to this curse," Edmund said, rubbing his fingers over Aiden's hand.

Stepping across the threshold, Aiden stopped as something flew through his body and mind. His hair blew back with the internal wind. The lights flickered several times and Edmund cried out and dropped into a crouch.

"What the hell was that?"


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Burning First Kiss is a Bestseller!!

Burning First Kiss by Kiernan Kelly, Rick R. Reed, A.J. Llewellyn, Sara York, Jamie Fessenden, S.A. Garcia, Vicktor Alexander, Rawiya, K.C. Wells, Max Vos and me has just hit the Bestseller List!

This is a wonderful anthology of first kiss M/M stories by some of the best M/M authors. Meet most of us at the upcoming GayRomLit conference in Atlanta, Ga on October 17 to 20.

All of the proceeds from Burning First Kiss go directly to The Trevor Project. Thank you for purchasing this anthology and helping in the fight against suicide.

A huge thanks to Vicktor Alexander, Nicole Dennis, S.A. Garcia,Jamie Fessenden, Kiernan Kelly, A.J. Llewellyn, Rawiya, Rick R. Reed, Max Vos, K.C. Wells, and Sara York for sharing a story for charity.

I hope you enjoy the following stories from these great authors.
The Dancer & The Janitor by Vicktor Alexander
A Magical Kiss by Nicole Dennis
Romance is Against Office Policy by Jamie Fessenden
As Old As You Feel by Kiernan Kelly
Love Junk: A Mingo McCloud Honolulu Mystery by A.J. Llewellyn
Save Me by Rawiya
Out on the Net by Rick R. Reed
Calling by Max Vos
Back from the Edge by K.C. Wells
The Sweet Slide of Lips by Sara York

Please feel free to link it to the book's detail page:

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The Captain of the Manor - Chapter 5

The Captain of the Manor
Chapter 5

After writing the various pros and cons of true ghosts, paranormal activities, and researching everything possible about the manor and the Carslyle family, Aiden paced through the suite. He knew what he saw, but how could he believe it. A ghost. An actual ghost.

There was a knock on the door.

Turning to face the door, not sure he wanted to answer it this time, Aiden moved across the room and opened it. The man or ghost in question stood in the hallway, hands behind his back, a quiet expression upon his handsome face. No matter what, the man was still damn gorgeous.

"I wasn't sure if you wish to speak with me after what happened. I can leave you alone, if you desire," Edmund said in the unusual accent and way of speech which caught Aiden's ear.

"I think we need to talk. If you can," Aiden said, stepping out of the way.

"I hope to answer what questions you seek."

When Edmund moved past him, Aiden reached out to touch him. His fingers found solid muscles under the soft fabric of the black shirt. He moved his fingers and noticed Edmund stopped.

"Are you trying to figure out how I am standing before you and solid in form?"

"How can this be? How can you be standing before me in solid form but disappeared in front of me last night?"

Edmund closed the door and waved Aiden back to the table where they dined last night. "Please, have a seat. My twisted tale is long."

Dropping in the seat, Aiden watched Edmund pour them two fresh cups of tea from the sterling silver pot a server brought earlier to the room. Edmund lifted the small tongs over the sugar bowl and glanced at Aiden.

"Oh, two please," Aiden said.

With a nod, Edmund dropped two cubes of sugar in the cup, carried the delicate porcelain saucer and cup to the table, and set it down. He returned a moment later with his own cup, some milk added to the liquid which he stirred. He settled in a chair, crossed his long legs at the ankle.

"Where do you wish me to begin my tale?"

"Wherever it is relevant," Aiden said.

"My name is Edmund Darcy Carslyle. I was the Captain of the Hope's Adventure, a dragoon I sailed under a privateer license by the King of England, but I gathered the profits for the young American colonies," Edmund said.

"American Colonies?"

"I was born in the spring of 1688 here in this manor. When I was thirteen, I traveled north to learn at the brilliant shipyards and sail with the captains. Over the years, I rose in rank and became captain of a ship, the Hope. I sailed her with my crew under the ruse of a privateer license by the King, but really we all sailed to plunder all enemy ships for the good of the colonies. I was a true patriot."

"1688. Which means you're…" Aiden thought about the years.

"As of this past spring, I've seen 325 years," Edmund said.

"No way…"

"As much as I regret saying it, it is the truth. I've seen wars come and go, countries torn apart and pulled back together, loved ones born, grown, and died, and the landscape and culture changed around me. Yet I remain the same. Cursed."


"By a voodoo priestess whose lover died after I ordered his ship captured and plundered. He was caught in the crossfire and I thought he would survive, but he died on the way to his Caribbean hideaway. His lover, a powerful voodoo priestess, placed a curse upon my soul and body."

Aiden set the cup on the saucer. He licked his lips and dragged a hand through his hair. "You're a privateer who's been alive since 1688 and was cursed by a voodoo priestess."

"In the fall of 1720, the curse took effect over me. I disappeared from my ship and reappeared in the manor several months later. I can travel throughout the manor and shift to the lighthouse, but I can't go beyond. I can walk the widow's walk and balconies, but I can't walk around the exterior grounds. The beach is always within my sights, but I'm never able to step foot upon it, the water, or a ship."

"How does this all work?"

"Even after three centuries, I don't understand all the differences in this life. From the time of the autumn equinox to All Saint's Day, I'm able to take a corporeal mortal form whenever I wish. It costs me energy though and when I'm exhausted, I revert back to my ghost form."

"This is what happened last night."

"Yes, I was in this form for a good portion of the day dealing with several situations and didn't take time to rest and recharge before locating you."

"Why are you able to take form this time of the year?"

"The veil between the shadow world and this one is the thinnest. It's also when the curse happened, her lover died, and she cursed me to live without life and love until I learned the same. Or something to the effect."

"You never asked how to reverse this?"

"I tried throughout the first century to find other priestesses or houngans, but none wanted to help me. The priestess who cursed me was very popular and strong, in life and in death. No one wanted to touch her magic upon my body and soul for fear of her lashing out from the grave."

"So… You're stuck then."

"I'm forever trapped this half life. For a few weeks, I can taste, touch, and enjoy sex. Other than those weeks, I'm a watcher of this world, unable to take part."

"How does the manor work?"

"For the weeks I'm able, I run things. When I'm not, I have a capable manager who oversees everything and looks forward to these few weeks of vacation time. It's a mutually favorable compromise for a unique situation."

Aiden scratched his jaw, feeling the scruff he didn't shave this morning. "I could do some research for you. I've been… looking into the story of the manor and your family."

"What did you locate?"

"You were assumed missing in October of 1720 when your ship came aground after a late hurricane."

"You found that much about me, I'm impressed."

"It's what I do. Do you want me to find a way out of this curse?"

"I doubt one exists."

"Do you remember the words of the curse?"

"Never forgot them," Edmund said as his gaze settled on Aiden.

Aiden rose, scrambled in his bag, and returned with a pad and pen. "Write them down. It could be the clues to free you."

"Why would you wish to free me?"

"So you can return to your life and home."

"When? In 1720 or here?"

"Wherever the curse lets you return."

Edmund rapped his fingers along the table as if considering the options. He picked up the pen and scribbled down several lines and pushed it across the table. "This is what I heard above the winds and waves, but I do not know how much it will help."

"Nothing will happen until we know what we're up against."

"We? Why are you willing to help me? Everyone else screams 'ghost' and flee the manor."

"What your lovers? The one you indulge at this time of the year."

"Last man in my bed was over a decade ago. Not too many want to fall in bed with a cursed man."

"A decade ago, but you're…" Aiden waved a hand over Edmund's form.

"There is a bad habit of doing this to my lover…" Edmund said in a dry tone before he faded to his ghost form.

"Damn… You're even more gorgeous," Aiden said as he rose and walked around to study Edmund.

"Can you see me in this form?"

"See and hear you." Aiden studied him. "Could you stand?"

"No one but one of my family line can see me in this form. Even during this time of the year, how can you see me?" Edmund said as he rose.

Dressed as a privateer in the 1700s, Edmund's tailored outfit reverted back to knee high black boots, tight black pants, and a flowing white shirt and vest. His hair was longer and pulled back with a leather tie.

Aiden itched to reach out and touch this man. He wondered what a ghost would feel like. Taking a chance, he stepped closer and reached out with both hands. Instead of misting through like he believed would happen, his hands rested on Edmund's chest. The man was cool to the touch, but still there under his fingers.

Edmund stared down, his gaze widened. "This is… impossible. No one can touch me."