Saturday, April 18, 2015

When in Bloom - Inspiration

Some inspiration pictures I used while writing When in Bloom:

Doctor Elliott Sheffield:

Jude Sebastian:

Adorable furbabies are included in the story:

Jude's beloved Medical Alert Dog - Dawson:

Finicky stray feline who adopted Elliott as his hooman guardian and named - Sigmund Freud or Sigi:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Southern Charm 4: When in Bloom

Fighting Type 1 diabetes since childhood, Jude Sebastian runs to prove he could live normal until the epileptic seizures changes his life. His illnesses rule his day-to-day activities. Even with Dawson, his Medical Alert golden Labrador, at his side, Jude finds daily life difficult. He owns the floral shop, Flowers in the Breeze, designing everything from simple bouquets to elaborate themes for weddings and celebrations.

At the Shore Breeze Clinic for appointments, Jude helps a man suffering a PTSD episode. This is Doctor Elliott Sheffield, a retired Army Ranger doctor with AMEDD, who arrives in the small town for a second chance. He needs regain control of his life away from the memories of what he saw in the Middle Eastern deserts.

Wanting a normal relationship, Jude tries to deny his disability, but something is happening. He can’t regulate his sugars and his seizures worsen. When he returns to the clinic, Dawson alerts him. He makes it to the end of the hallway before he succumbs.

Will the personal issues and challenges of both men get in the way of a chance at love?