Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1 New Contract

Even more news! 1 NEW CONTRACT to announce.

Siren BookStrand accepted my dark paranormal novella, Unholy Angel.

Will be released for 2011.

Unhappy news: Didn't get in the finals for M&B's New Voices contest, but that's okay. At least I gave it my best shot. Hey, I have a great paranormal chapter and premise to work with and who knows what can come from those great characters. I can always finish it and ship it off for publishing.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here we go! A new Blog!

A new blog!

All spiffy and shiny. Thanks to some wonderful help and lots of advice from Leiland and Reese (my gorgeous new banner). What would I do without the two of you?? This thing would be ever so boring.

Come and look, explore, check everything out, comment. I will be adding goodies and widgets as I figure little stuff out. I would love to have guest posts as well, so please please let me know if you would love to host a day for a release or just because.

Back to writing and kitties!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Demon Heart - Cover!

My oh My! The deliciousness of a new cover is in my hands and I have it to show you!! Come and see what the fabulous Dara England and Breathless Press created for me!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Contest Entry - ARe Just One Bite

After hemming and hawing and thinking about it. I started one story, but it wasn't going anywhere. Then I opened an older story about a witch standing on a precipice and something clicked. Mostly written, needed some polishing and a little more oomph, and I decided what the hey. Contest was free. It couldn't hurt to try.

So... after sending the story off to my wonderful readers, Barbara, Anita, & Jodie. Thank you darling wonderful ladies for taking a few moments to give me some ruthless critique which I asked for and not holding back. :) I polished it once more and opened up the website.

I entered the story into ARe's contest - Just One Bite.

It's called Dragon's Sacrifice, a m/f paranormal/fantasy romance with dragon elements.

It needs to get past the judges first and into the 32 semifinalists found for judging by YOU on the site from Oct 1 thru 31 for the final prizes. So, keep your fingers crossed it gets that far. I would at least love to get to be one of those lucky 32!! That would be a coo!!

If it gets there, I'll give you the heads up to start voting!!