Friday, February 14, 2014

Anti-Valentine's Story - Stupid Cupid

Thanks to a call from MLR Press for an Anti-Valentine's Day story - I have a new story.

WC: 13,000
Heat: Graphic
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday

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A man who hates Valentine's Day gets a surprise smack of romance.

With horrid Valentine's Day experiences, Preston Larkin hates the holiday with a passion to the point he prefers to be drunk and unconscious. Heading to a club, SideWays, he plans to drink and dance until the 15th. He didn't expect a cute admirer to alter everything.

Adoring Lark from afar for over a year, Colin Gabriels finds the courage to buy the man a drink, dance the night away, and take him upstairs to the private rooms. His expectations of the man isn't matching the reality. Things falter the next morning, but Preston changes everything.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another update

Hello to everyone


A cute smiling fox face to help lighten up my website. I have plenty more of these adorable but fierce animals.

** Hope to do a series soon with foxes. They deserve a series **


Southern Charm Update

Book 2 - By the Numbers - has been submitted and approved by Totally Bound. *prances around on happy paws*

This book will be released in May!

Book 3 - On the Green - I have about 5k words left, need a clean-up, and will submit to publisher.

Book 4 - By the Law - this is next up to write.


Dragon Serials

There are 5 books planned - around 15k each story - and will have magik, dragons, and shifters.


My Anti-Valentines Day short story - Stupid Cupid - will be released on February 14th with MLR Press. I hope you enjoy this twist on a romantic holiday from a point-of-view of someone who hates the holiday.

That's it for now!!