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The Captain of the Manor - Chapter 11

Happy Hallowe'en!

Here is the FINAL chapter for The Captain of the Manor! I hope everyone enjoyed my M/M ghost story. I hope to have a full downloadable version up soon.

Come on back and join me the week of Thanksgiving (in America) for a special blog story about a M/M couple and the perfect turkey feast. Bad things will be done to those precious birds, but all in good fun.


The Captain of the Manor
Chapter 11

Not wanting to rush this night, Edmund leaned back to break the kiss, framed Aiden's face between his hands, and met his dazed, darkened gaze behind the lenses. "We're not rushing tonight."

"No. Definitely not rushing, but I so want to see you nekkid," Aiden said with a lopsided smile.

Laughing, Edmund released Aiden and stepped back. He tried to flash to his ghost form to dissolve his clothes, but he didn't change.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't flash to my ghost form." Edmund held out a hand to call the bottle of lube on the nightstand to him, but the bottle didn't even wobble. "I don't have any powers."

"Nothing but the most important one tonight," Aiden said as he moved closer, pressing a hand to Edmund's chest. "You're alive. Your heart is beating. It's everything you would have when the daylight reaches us."

"Guess she put restraints on me so we do things the old fashioned way tonight."

"No tricks."

"No treats," Edmund finished.

Aiden laughed as his fingers moved to the buttons on Edmund's deep charcoal gray shirt. He unfastened each one to reveal the warmed skin. "When this works…"

"If this works…"

Aiden pulled in his lower lip and shook his head. "When. I'm insisting on when. When this works, we're getting you into some color with this wardrobe. Gray, black, and white is all you have and I don't like it."

"You don't?"

"Doesn't work with your coloring, you need some color."

"What about your things? When this works, will you move here with me? We can run the Manor together. I'll let you write the Carslyle history."

"I don't know if anyone would believe the truth. I may have to twist it into fiction, create a masterful cursed pirate ghost from you."

"Privateer, darling. I was a privateer, licensed by the government."

"Semantics… Now?"

"Making sure you get my title correct."

"Your title is Captain."

"No, it's lover. Now hurry up with those buttons."

"So bossy," Aiden teased as he moved his hands over the rest of the buttons.

Edmund untucked Aiden's pale green shirt from the slim fitting jeans, faded with age and wear. He gathered the hem and lifted it up and over Aiden's head, forcing him to pull his hands back to get out. Impatient, Edmund finished his shirt, yanked it off, and tossed it the same direction.

The rest of their clothes soon followed before they tumbled across the wide expanse of the bed, limbs twisting and tangling around one another as they jockeyed for position. Finally, Edmund grabbed Aiden's wrists in one hand, twisted until he was on top, and splayed Aiden's arms above his head.

"Do I need to tie you to the bed?"

Aiden's eyes widened at the playful threat. "I wanna touch."

"Not yet. If you touch me, I'll explode and you'll have no fun."

Aiden pouted and wrapped his fingers around the bars. "I'm at your mercy, Captain."

"I like the sound of it."

"Not forever. Now get to it."

Shaking his head, Edmund kissed Aiden long and deep, tongue playing along the gums and palate. He nibbled on the plump lower lip. "Your glasses are steaming."

"Damn, I know…"

"Can you see me this close?"


Edmund moved one hand to pull off the glasses, folded the arms, and placed them on the nightstand. He looked back at Aiden, kissed his closed eyelids, and smiled. "You're cute without them."

"Gives me a professor look as if I truly know what I'm talking about when I'm standing in front of a class," Aiden said, opening his eyes to meet Edmund's gaze.

Laughing, not sure anything would help adorable Aiden look scholarly and respectable, Edmund made his way down Aiden's body. He used nibbles, licks, and sucking flesh to make his marks on the pale skin, as he learned what attracted and drawn out a response. Hearing those wonderful sounds, Edmund slid his tongue into the bellybutton and twirled it around before he nibbled on one hipbone. He bypassed the smooth cock, curled and bobbing for attention against a nest of curls, a darker color than on Aiden's head, and a small glory train heading to his bellybutton. Using his body, he forced a relaxed Aiden to open his legs wider as he trailed kisses and nips down both legs, found hidden ticklish spots behind the knees, and smooth skin around the hips. The legs were lightly furred, nothing heavy, and interesting textures.

Moving back up Aiden's sweat-dampened body, he knelt back, snatched a pillow, and shoved it under Aiden's hips, lifting and opening him so he could see the waiting hidden opening. He encouraged Aiden to open his legs and pull them back further. He reached out for the bottle of lube and flipped open the top. He paused and found a wrapped condom. He held up the foil packet and twitched it between them. "Condom?"

"You've been a ghost for over 200 years. I don't think you could catch anything."

"No, but what about you."

"I'm clean, for the last five years."

"Is that the last time someone took your wonderful ass?"

Aiden nibbled on his lower lip.

"I'll go slow and make sure you're well opened and lubricated." Edmund tossed the wrapper back on the stand and squeezed lube on his fingers. He covered his thickened, ruddy cock, spreading it slow over the shaft and head as Aiden squinted his eyes to watch. "Can you see?"

"Yeah… I can see, wanna touch."

"Not yet. Next round is all yours."

Aiden's eyes widened. "You'll let me top you."

"Of course."


Edmund squeezed more lube on his fingers and against Aiden's raised cock and ass. "You look so good like this, all ready and positioned for me." He set the lube back on the stand, rubbed his thumb over his fingers to warm the silky fluid, and pressed his fingers against the taint. He massaged and rubbed the skin between the base of the cock and ass.

Aiden moaned and gripped the bars. His cock wept small spurts of precum from the slit. "Please…"

Sliding his fingers down, Edmund rimmed the tight hole to tease the skin. He pushed one finger against the opening and felt Aiden's body give over to his entrance. Hearing Aiden groan, he moved his finger, added a second to stretch him, and thrust them in and out over the multitude of nerve endings. Taking his time, he added two more fingers and reached for the P-spot inside the passage to make Aiden wiggle and cry out with pleasure.

"Please. Get your cock inside me now!" Aiden dropped a hand to grasp his cock, stroking the hardness, and pinched the base to withhold his climax.

Pulling his fingers out, Edmund adjusted Aiden's thighs and aimed his eager cock for the prepared hole. He placed one hand above the pillow, stared into Aiden's dark passion-darkened gaze, and tilted his hips forward. He felt the tight passage open and clamp around his cockhead like a vise. He groaned along with Aiden at the sensation.

"Damn, you're so tight around me," he said on the edge of a moan, leaned down to capture Aiden's lips with his. He wrapped his fingers around Aiden's hand around his cock and helped his lover stroke himself.

"You feel so good," Aiden said. "Move."

Doing what Aiden demanded, Edmund pushed deeper until his balls hit Aiden's ass. Pulling back, he braced his hands on the mattress. He started a deep, almost punishing rhythm for both of them as he slid in and out of Aiden's passage.

"Move… Harder…"

Altering his angle a little, Edmund knew he found the P-spot and dinged it several times with his cockhead on both strokes when Aiden started to shout, curse, and cry out with his pleasure. Aiden's passage quivered, shuddered, and clamped hard around Edmund's cock. He felt Aiden lift his hips once hard as he shouted his release, his cock spurting semen across his belly. Unable to stop, Edmund pushed once more and exploded deep in Aiden's body.

As he softened, Edmund pulled out, yanked the pillow from Aiden's body, and dropped to the bed behind him. He turned them into spoon fashion, gathering Aiden against him. He snagged the edge of a sheet to clean Aiden's belly of spunk before it dried.

"Give me a minute…" Aiden said as he tried to remember how to breathe.

"Take your time, darling. I'm going nowhere," he said.

His words rang true as they came together three times, collapsing for a last time in a sweaty, dirty heap amongst the mangled sheets and covers, pillows tossed all over. Both of them draped over each other in various positions.

The sun rose slowly over the ocean, spreading its rays inside the bedroom, and curling around the lovers.

Edmund felt the rays first, having not felt the sun's warmth for over two hundred years. He lifted his hand and manipulated his fingers through the sunlight, feeling the radiance.

"Edmund…" Aiden said, clutching his arms around his lover.

Edmund stared down at Aiden, leaned down, and kissed him. "I'm not leaving you, I promise you."

"Don't leave… Please…" Aiden framed Edmund's face between his hands, kissing him over and over.

There was a crackling sound and Edmund screamed as his body spasm hard. He dropped boneless across Aiden's body. Aiden screamed as he wrapped his arms around him and flipped them. He placed his hand against Edmund's cheek, calling his name.

Eyelids fluttered and Edmund groaned under the attention. He opened his eyes to stare at a pale Aiden, eyes wide behind glasses he haphazardly shoved on his nose. "I feel…"


"I feel complete. Whole. I'm one again." Edmund placed a hand against his sternum, realizing the priestess gave him his soul back.

Aiden thumped his shoulder hard with a fist.

"Ow… What was that for?"

"Scaring the living shit out of me, blasted pirate."



Edmund grinned. "Lover. Husband. Mate."

"Sounds good to me. Next Hallowe'en though, give me a damn bar of chocolate and no more mojo magick."

"I'll remember to do my best in accommodating your wishes," Edmund said as he flipped them over and made love to the chosen one to rescue him from the endless boring curse. Cursed no more, he could love this man with his entire heart, life, and soul. Especially his soul.


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