Friday, September 5, 2014

New Christmas Story

Finished a new Christmas story.

Picked up by Dreamspinner Press for their 2014 Advent series.

Minstrel's Solstice 
Celebrate 2014
Dreamspinner Press
Available December 2014

A wasting plague swept over the Four Quadrants, changing how folks view the traveling guilds. Most travelers now make permanent contracts and settle in villages instead of continuing on the road. Needing to alter his lifestyle, Kerryll MacGhylle rides deep into the Northern Quadrant in search of a place to belong.

The Northern Duke, Cullan Gryffyn D'Antuono, accepts the contract of the frozen minstrel arriving during a powerful ice blizzard. He nurses Kerryll through the ravages of the sickness. Though they live at opposite ends of society, they have more in common than they realize.

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