Saturday, January 25, 2014

An Overdue Update

I'm sorry. Please forgive me for being so late with an update. I admit, I'm not a blogger.

Does the cute kitteh help? I hope so...

I've been a good little writer while I've been away.

New Publisher & Story!!
I wrote, submitted, and signed a contract with MLR Press for my Anti-Valentine's Day story - Stupid Cupid. Final edits are done. Cover is being finalized. And should be available for sale in February at MLR. There are many more submission calls from MLR which I hope to submit more stories.

Update for Totally Bound & Southern Charm!!
Southern Charm - Book 2 By the Numbers - is finished and submitted. It was accepted by my editor and I'm awaiting further info on release dates.

Southern Charm - Book 3 On the Green - is progressing and almost 27k words. Malcolm and Reece are dancing around one another, one fella screwing up, another trying to hard. Sigh...

Potential Stories in the Mix!!
Skylar - There is a plan in progress to extend this short story to a novel well over 75k and in multiple parts. I felt Ben and Skylar needed more of their story told and some of it from Skylar's POV.

Dragons - I promised a M/M series with dragons. I'm working on creating a fantasy world filled with these beautiful creatures, some unusual shifters, and magik abound.

Other stories are knocking around in my head. I hope to update as more things happen.

Where can you find me?
Oh.. You can see me in person! Meet and chit-chat with me for days. I'll be in Tampa from April 16-20th for the Rainbow Conference, a wonderful new QUILTBAG conference for readers/writers of this fabulous genre.

In October, I hope to once more attend GRL as a Feature Author. The conference is moving to the windy city of Chicago this year. There will be an open signing for all authors. Keep an eye out for more news.

Hugs to all!

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