Thursday, December 6, 2012

Update: Skylar's Salvation

Skylar's Salvation will be revised, republished, and the story continued!

Keep a box of tissues close by because this couple will tug at your heart and emotions.


Skylar Deering has suffered from schizophrenia since high school. Despite feeling safe with boyfriend Ben Radclyffe, Skylar slides deeper into his private hell. When Skylar enters a special clinic, he wonders: will Ben stick by Skylar's side as promised?


Ben Radclyffe was a tea house owner who saw a young man wearing colorful scarves entered for a cup of tea and pastry. He saw him count his money with care, but sat in a corner to stare in the distance or spoke to someone who wasn't there.

Skylar Deering has suffered from schizophrenia since late high school. Even with Ben, who saw him beyond the hallucinations, delusions, and voices, he continued to slid deeper into his private hell. When he found himself in a special clinic, Skylar dug deep to climb back to recovery. Skylar can only wonder: Will Ben, the one man who didn't turn away from him, be there, sticking as he promises, when he comes out?

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