Thursday, December 6, 2012

Update: Revelation

Revelation will be revised, republished, and a new cover!

Zach Savage's To-Do List:

1. Fire manager

2. Tell Nolan

3. Announce to Raven Creed fans I AM gay. Duh!

4. Tell Nolan!

5. Finish album

6. Plan concert

7. How the hell do I tell Nolan?


Rock star and lead singer of Raven Creed, Zach Savage, is furious with his bigoted manager's iron fisted control over the band. He no longer wishes to hide his sexuality and relationship with his lover, interior designer Nolan Farrell. Zach breaks the band's contract with the manager. Zach plans to come out to their fans at an upcoming concert by singing a special song he has written for Nolan.

Now he only needs to tell Nolan, who doesn't take the news with the same enthusiasm.

Can their relationship survive until Nolan hears the song Zach can't wait to sing for the world?

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