Saturday, January 1, 2011

Update: Cruising Adventures

Gifted a cruise package, Dr Connor MacKenzie didn't expect an erotic shipboard fling with sexy ex-Olympic cyclist, Nathaniel Grant. Promises of no past or future, they enjoy their time the duration of the cruise. Can an onboard romance become something more as reality looms closer?

Gifted a cruise by his office partners, Doctor Connor MacKenzie didn't expect to be propositioned and seduced while steaming away from the Florida coastline. Only that is exactly what happens when he meets gorgeous cyclist Nathaniel Grant.

Agreeing to an erotic fling for the duration of the cruise, with no mention of last names or pasts, they enjoy one another. From Connor's lavish suite, throughout the GLBT festivities, when Connor becomes a drag queen's pageant escort, a foray in the gambling hall, and the elegant Captain's dinner.

Still, reality whittles its ugly way into their bliss. Nathan goes astray to see how strong the fragile bond can withstand. Can there be a life for them beyond the ship?

** Book removed from Publisher. To be revised, reprinted, and a new cover!

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