Monday, December 20, 2010

Update: A Christmas Eve Wish

Can an overwork chef find peace and love during Christmas?

Find out in A Christmas Eve Wish! A beautiful, romantic, MM Contemporary to warm you during the cold season.

Escaping complications, hotshot gay chef Logan McNair rides his motorcycle into the middle of a blizzard and a cabin ruin by his younger brother's partying. At his wit's end, he sees the lights of a snowmobile come to his rescue. It's a neighbor, gorgeous carpenter Joel Oliver, down the lake with more bad news, the road is close and he is stuck.

With the cabin uninhabitable, Joel offers him a place to stay for the Christmas holiday since the local inn is book solid. Making him at home, Logan creates meals for them, helps decorate Joel's home, and agrees to a delicious Christmas fling as a present to each other.

Finding a lover who accepts him as plain Logan and not chef Logan is wonderful and thrilling. Could this only add to his complications? Or could loving Joel be finding the way back to himself?

** Book removed from Publisher. To be revised, reprinted, and a new cover!

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