Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year Updates n News!

Happy belated New Year to everyone! My poor blog has been so forgotten this past year and I know I must get back into the habit of creating blogs and updating this poor thing.

So... Here we go.. What has been happening since November??

Edits! Edits! And, you guess it, more edits! Luckily that process is behind me and my lovely editor, Lea, and the novella - Dragon's Grace - moved forward. So much that I have a tag and blurb to share with all of you and a cover!! OMG! This cover is fabulous! Ever so sexy, but not forgetting my beloved dragon. I hope that you all will love the story of Callum and Lauri as much as I've enjoyed writing them. They've been through a lot, but love will still find a way to hold on.

In between edits, holidays, and work - I've been working on the next book in the MacDrakken series. Tentatively it's called Dragon's Sanity. It has a new hero and heroine not seen in earlier book, but questions risen within the first book will begin to find answers here. Plus, I'm adding more information about the wonderful world of the dragon warriors and guardians.

I have another short story with Samhain - a group of sexy cougars in the Northwest.

Okay, I think I have everything for now. My next post will be the fantabulous cover and blurb for Dragon's Grace! Hopefully it will be up and ready for sale in April 2010!

Hugs and purrs to all!

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