Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dragon's Grace Update & Cover

Hello again!

Tentative release date of April 19, 2010! From Lyrical Press, Inc., comes the first novella in my MacDrakken series of dragon warriors and guardians -- Dragon's Grace.

TAG: Can a battered dragon warrior overcome past mistakes?


After an attack by dark wraiths, exiled guardian Allauria Grace, treks up a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm to locate her dragon. Once there, she finds a reluctant Callum MacDrakken. In fact, he wants nothing to do with her and refused to let her in his haven.

They battle through memories of a tangled past and a devastating injury that left Callum unable to transform into his dragon form.

With the looming threat of wraiths and the possibility of Allauria becoming one herself, they wonder if there is still a chance for this dragon to have his mate.

Contains M/F sex with steamy against-the-wall shower scene. Add in a fiery shape-shifting dragon warrior for fun.

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