Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Positive Rejection Letter

A hopeful bit of news lightened up my morning yesterday when I opened my email and started going through them. One was an editor from Samhain where I sent in my story, Familiar Protection, for possible consideration.

While the first part did have the mention she wasn't accepting it as is, she gave me a lot of support and interest in my story and the characters, Gideon and Layla. She mentioned exactly what she would like to see improved in the story and I totally agree. This was a short story where I concentrated on the action and conflict. The characters were there, but not their inner thoughts and some reasons behind their reactions and behaviors. She saw that and pointed it out to me.

Now, I am going through the story line by line, scene by scene. I see where I wish to add more scenes and character information. I finished a wonderful scene before the three brothers before Gideon is stolen away by his lady. And opened the one night of torture to two nights to increase the pressure on Gideon and his brothers, but gave him a chance to find his lady in her dreams.

Hopefully, this will all end up for the better and increase my chances. Once all this is done, I'm definitely sending it back to Samhain with hopes that she'll love the changes as much as I will.

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