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Birthday Guest: Lily Adile-Lamb

Please welcome my birthday guest - Lily Adile-Lamb!

Happy Birthday Nicole! Thank you so much for inviting me to your special event.

I’m also celebrating my first year as an LGBTQ writer.

Turkish by background, I am both a mother and wife, I work as a nurse during the day and write LGBTQ stories late at night once the family are tucked in bed. I studied in the UK and worked there for a few years before I moved to Australia, settling down for good.

A few days ago I released my story, “Boundless Love” which was a very emotional experience for me. In that story, I focused on how traumatic events can lead to depression or anxiety, thus affecting our lives, and how sometimes people lose all that is dear to them, to the point of becoming homeless.

I support Marriage Equality for all, and stand by same sex parents because I believe that children primarily need loving and protective homes, showered with kindness and a kid friendly diet (I am a big believer in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).

I love writing interracial stories about people from all backgrounds. The LGBTQ community is universal, existing in all countries and cultures. For some cultures, being from an LGBTQ background is not easy and these are the people for whom I want to promote further. I tend to focus on gender fluid characters in my stories, along with alpha males and those who are socially awkward and shy.

I love writing “happily ever after” stories. I imagine readers making their drinks (hot or cold, as they like it), then making themselves comfortable enough to settle in and read my stories after a long stressful day at work. I write novelettes with the expectation that when someone finishes reading my story, with a smile and a sigh they close their eyes, sleeping contentedly as a result.

Yes, I am more of a storyteller than anything else… maybe even a dream weaver.

Here is one the reviews that explains my character so well so I shall share that with you.
“There is a notion that life does not often give us second chances, frankly I find it does…however, I find third chances scarcer and even more valuable. Terry is homeless, his problems are real, and life has left him gutted; but Terry has crawled back to life the hard way. This is a hopeful story, yet still a very real depiction of the gritty, everyday reality of many.

As a reader, I like to escape into the lives of other people but I do not always need the perfect looking man to come riding in on a white horse to save the day. There is a very real need for stories of real people that are not alpha males, drop-dead centerfold models, or wealthy executives.

This story focuses on the people that may often seem expendable or are overlooked by many, but are nonetheless real, valuable and endearing. This book does not have mindless victims and it is a beautifully empowering story with wonderfully well-developed characters. I have followed this author’s books from the beginning of her career and it is exciting to see her spread her wings into some new territory with this offering, taking some daring risks that pay off beautifully for the reader.

Lastly, amongst the flood of positive things that I want to share about this exciting read, I want to say this…I find books that fill in all the blanks and tie everything up with a pretty bow at the end, leaving the reader with nothing to think about or possibilities to consider…well, I find them unfulfilling. "Boundless Love" by Lily Adile Lamb is real, realistic, and has a happy ending too.” Tidal Ashburn

Boundless Love

Events in his past left Terry crushed, disowned, homeless and living on the streets. He has reached the point where he is ready to rebuild his life. 

Chris has enjoyed a life filled with love and acceptance. With his extended family close by and working on his small IT business, he is confident with himself and in his surroundings. Both men’s world collides at a chance meeting while attempting to assist a young mother and child. With that first awkward encounter, both Terry and Chris know their lives would never be the same again. 

This carefully crafted and highly emotive story follows Terry and Chris as they take their first tentative step toward building a new life together. 

Terry’s demons are never far away and when things in his life begin to unravel once more, he is thrust back into his worst nightmare. Can he allow himself to become vulnerable in the face of Chris’ love and learn to trust him, and their relationship, allowing them both to move on to the life they both desire and deserve?

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  1. Thank you for sharing a little about your life and this sweet review. I prefer to read about someone that imperfect, but perfect for the love match in the story and in real life :)