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Birthday: Another Gift for You

A Gift for You

Before the party kicks off with my first guest, I have a few presents to offer you. Extra excerpts from recently released books and maybe some upcoming books to peak your interest. 

First up: 

Following the Law
Southern Charm 5
Released: August 2015

Pride Publishing                Amazon                  All Romance


Sheriff Robin Burke is upset and pissed-off. His quiet seaside town is troubled with all kinds of problems. Looking for the man who tried to poison Samuel Ashford is high on his priority list, but there is more in store. When someone he crushes on returns, he hopes to work out his non-existent love life.

Returning from London, Beau Courtenay discovers an invader of his home, his troubled half-brother. Dealing with the chaos, he is busy with a massive backlog of work, renovating the entire Southern Charm system, and others. He finds another troubling detail in the form of tiny interfaces. There's also the allure of the sheriff distracting him and threatening to reveal his darkest secret.

What happens when Robin connects his suspect to the handsome IT geek with the delicious British accent and tight ass? Can Beau help the sheriff follow the law to prosecute everyone who dares to attack their beloved town?


Beau wandered away while Candice worked with the elaborate hissing, steaming and
brewing machines. He moved through some of the stacks, checking out the various items
offered for sale and how they’d changed from the last time. Seeing a few of his favorite chips
and treats, he snagged some off the shelf to add to his purchases.

The bell dinged with another entrance.

“Hello, Sheriff, right on time. Want your usual?” Candice asked.

Sheriff? Here? Now? Oh, bollocks.

Lifting his head, Beau looked over the stacks toward the door and saw the tall, handsome
sheriff stepping out of the bright morning light and into the store. The man removed his
Stetson, shoving fingers through his ebony hair cut in a military pattern. Beau felt his knees

“Hey, Candice, make it a double on the espresso. I’m running on empty and stressed,”
the sheriff said.

“Oh dear. Are you still looking for the one who poisoned the new co-owner?”

“Yes. The search is ongoing.” The sheriff stopped and turned his head. “Hello there, Beau,
it’s good to see you again.”

Beau stopped and gave an idiotic wave. “Hello, Sheriff.”

“When did you get back from London?”

“The other night,” Beau said.

Bollocks and fuck a duck, the man’s talking to me! Me!

“I hope your trip went well. I heard from Maggie about your father. I’m sorry to hear he
was so ill.”

“He suffered from a series of heart attacks, but is recovering. My stepmother requested I
fly over to assist with the company. Thankfully, my dad is getting stronger and I left the
company in my uncle’s care.”

“Good to hear. I’m sure you’re happy to be home.”

“I am.”

“By the way, Maggie mentioned something to one of the deputies about some unknown
alarm notices. Would you like me to send someone to your home and check out the system?”
Ready to strangle Maggie for her ‘helpfulness’, Beau cleared his throat and moved
around the shelves to stand in the same aisle as the sheriff. “The code used was one for family.
It’s not a well-known code.”

“Did someone use this old code while you were gone?”

“My half-brother. I’m dealing with him.”

“Sounds like you don’t connect with your brother.”

“I deal with him when he comes around and forget about him when he’s not,” Beau said.

The sheriff sneezed and sniffed at something. He raised an eyebrow and looked at Beau
in a strange fashion. “Is there something you’re not telling me?”


“When did you start smoking?”

Beau blinked at the odd question. He remembered what had happened and cursed under
his breath. “My half-brother. He blew a nasty puff of smoke at me.”


Beau nodded.

“Hmm. Not you?”

“Shite, no!

“Beau, your order is ready,” Candice said.

Swallowing at the slight awkwardness, Beau glanced back at the sheriff. “Excuse me,

The sheriff stepped back and waved the path with a hand. “It’s good to have you home.
I’m sure either one of the laptops or a server at the station will throw a kink in the works to get
some of your personal attention.”

“They usually do like to throw their little tantrums.”

“Perhaps you’ll give someone else some personal attention, too, if needed.”

Raising an eyebrow in silent question, Beau wondered if the law officer was attempting
to flirt with him. “Perhaps. If it’s needed,” he said and walked away from the gorgeous man.
He swore he felt a pair of eyes watching his ass.

What the hell is my attraction to foreign accents?

Robin cursed under his breath as his cock continued to throb and press against his zipper.
If it didn’t let up, there would be zipper marks against his shaft. He shifted and lowered a hand
to rearrange himself. Ever since his first lover had whispered sweet nothings in a gorgeous
Italian lilt while fucking him, Robin had been lost when he heard an accent.

Walking into the Shoppe needing an extra kick of caffeine to get his mind moving to deal
with another day of catching an elusive attacker, he hadn’t expected to hear the rich caress of
a British accent. It curled and lifted around the tones, changing them to something more than
mere English.

When he’d recognized that the accented voice belonged to Beau Courtenay, he hadn’t
been able to help but move closer to him. At the same time, he’d lowered his Stetson to hide
his growing erection. It wouldn’t be proper for a law officer to pop wood in the middle of a
store. He’d turned to meet the man’s dark blue gaze when Beau had appeared around the end
of an aisle.

There was something about the slender well-dressed Brit with the bright-colored canvas
sneakers. Beau hid his quirky nature behind a shy smile. Then there was his competence and
belief in his ability to understand and manipulate electronics. Altogether, Beau was an
intriguing and mysterious package.

Why the hell would his half-brother blow weed smoke in his face?

Damn, I want to know more.

After a far too quick conversation, Beau picked up his order and chatted with Candice.
Robin stared at Beau’s bubble-butt covered in dark chocolate slacks as he walked out of
the door.

“One sweet ass,” he muttered.

“Sheriff is hooked, line and sinker,” Candice teased. “By our lovely Brit too. Rather

“Oh, shush,” Robin said.

Laughing, Candice held out the large cup. “I’ll add it to your tab.”

“Thanks, Candice.” He headed toward the door.

“For what it’s worth, I think you should go for it. He’s single. You’re single. Ask him. All
he can say is no,” Candice called out.

“Don’t need dating advice, nor do I have time to give him the proper attention he
deserves,” Robin said.

“There is more to life than a job. Even for an exceptionally dutiful sheriff of a small

Robin waved and walked out of the door. He headed to the closest parking lot and
watched a shiny, curvy Audi drive away with Beau at the wheel. He whistled low in
appreciation of the beautiful piece of machinery. He wondered what it would be like to drive,
to get it in the open and feel the horsepower.

Instead, all he could do was get in his SUV and drive to the station. After checking in and
handling the morning conferences and updates, Robin went to his office and studied the
information board, which held everything about the investigation regarding the possible

attempted murder of Samuel Ashford.
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