Thursday, October 15, 2015

Walk Me 3 - Walk Me Through the Darkness Release

While I was enjoying GRL, a funny little thing happen... Walk Me 3 - Walk Me Through the Darkness released with MLR Press!

 Basil Wallstatt, former USMC sniper, is fighting to regain control of his body, emotions and life. After surviving a helicopter crash, he spent years in recovery. When he broke down and read the packet of letters from home, he knows its time to return to Montana. He needs to repair the broken bonds within his family. Even lost in the darkness of his past, he wonders if he can find the path back to the light.

Sound technician for Midnight Twang, Thomas Bellamy isn't on stage, but dresses with flash and style to cover the rest of the band. He's happy to be their 'peacock' and work in the ranch's kitchen instead of riding a horse. One of the first to see the mysterious newcomer, he can't believe he's looking upon his childhood crush that lasted through his life. With all of Basil's barriers, he's determine to not let him disappear again. He wasn't the only one who loves a Wallstatt sibling.

And it became a Bestseller at All Romance Ebooks!!
Here are some inspirational images for Walk Me Through the Darkness

This is Basil and adorable Stryker


This is the 'peacock' and sound tech for Midnight Twang - Thomas

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