Friday, July 10, 2015

M/M Romance Goodreads: Love is an Open Road Event

Hi again

I signed up to write a story for the M/M Romance group at Goodreads summer event Don't Read in the Closet 2015 - Love is an Open Road.

I chose a prompt created by Gillian with this picture:

Dear Author,

What you see is more than mere ink. Any tattoo has the power that comes from significance, but none have what ours do— the ability to grant power. He gave us the first of our marks when he claimed us as his Heartless, you see. Betrayed by love and left to die by the ones we most trusted— but still unwilling to die.

It’s a strange life, if ‘life’ is the right term. We walk in the dark, see what humans do not see, and wield awesome powers, protecting humans from what they do not even know exists. It’s not without its perks, of course. We are allowed pleasure, companionship and wealth. There is only one rule, and that easily kept. We know the anguish of heartache too well. Why fall in love?

No, my problem is more— peculiar. One of my tattoos has gone— missing. It seems to have transferred itself to the charming young man who entertained me last night. An absolutely unheard of event. I would find it fascinating— if it wasn’t happening to me. Now I have to find him before he attracts unwanted attention with his new powers and find a way to get my tattoo back.



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