Friday, June 12, 2015

Southern Charm 5 - Following the Law

Looking for the man who tried to poison Samuel Ashford is high on his priority list for Sheriff Robin Burke, who hopes his quiet seaside town returns to normal. With a bit of free time, he hopes to work out his non-existent love life.

Returning from London after a six-month trip, Beau Courtenay finds his troubled half-brother invades his home and privacy. Knowing he left his half-brother in a special facility, Beau wonders what chaos his brother created. An offer to renovate the entire Southern Charm systems and security is sent to him and he finds the B&B is going through an entire upgrade. Putting his brother’s issues on the back-burner, he goes to the Charm to work. Hearing others discuss the poisoning case of his new client, Samuel Ashford, Beau listens with half an ear. During his investigation of the systems, he discovers a case of hacking from the outside to destroy the online books and clients' private information. He suggests calling in the sheriff's unit, but didn't expect the Sheriff to take on the case himself and giving him personal attention.

What happens when the Sheriff connects the potential suspect of Samuel’s case to the handsome IT guy with the delicious British accent and tight ass? Will Beau be able to chose protecting his brother or following the law?

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