Saturday, September 20, 2014

Character Interview: Malcolm Bissette

With the general release of Southern Charm 3 – On the Green, I thought a little change-up would help to give you insight into these characters. Please allow me to introduce one of the heroes of On the Green, sous chef, Malcolm Bissette.

Malcolm: *almost bounces on his toes in excitement* Hello from the sunny Florida Panhandle. Thank you to everyone for reading the story about this beautiful old building… okay.. okay. You're here for hot guy sex. *he winks*

ND: Behave yourself.

Malcolm: Or what. You'll sick Reece on me?

ND: You would like that wouldn't you… *rolls eyes* Back to the interview, please?

Malcolm: But you know everything about me.

ND: The readers don't. Let's start there. How about we start with your basics to get you warmed up before the nitty gritty, deep down questions?

Malcolm: Sure, I can do those.
Full name: Malcolm Bissette
Nickname: Mal or Captain Mal
Age: 26
Height: 5’7”
Weight: Not telling.
Hair color: Started out brunet, but depends on my whim. I prefer bright colored tips from blue, green, purple, or pink.
Eye color:  I think they're a boring deep brown.

ND: Do you have a job?

Mal: I do and I love my job. I'm the sous chef at Southern Delights under Chef Dakota Mitchell. Delights is the fabulous fresh food restaurant within the Southern Charm B&B.

ND: Tell us about your past and how you came to the Charm?

Mal: Due to issues I don't like to discuss, I was one of those many homeless GLBT teens on the streets. I wandered around Orlando, trying to survive. Meeting up with Dakota saved my life and he brought me to the Panhandle and the Charm. Thanks to him, I had a home, finished education, and got my life back together.

ND: I hear you're a huge fan of Firefly?

Mal: Captain Mal! Oh… The man is gorgeous. I cos-play him whenever I can. I have mastered his look. Whenever I'm down in the dumps, I pop in the series and veg on the couch.

ND: About Firefly, I have a question from a reader, TN. What would you say to the Fox executives that cancelled Firefly?

Mal: *laughs and rubs his hands together* How long do we have? Okay… *lifts an eyebrow* Really, what the hell were you thinking? Oh yeah, you weren't. You had a huuuuuuge hit on your hands, but you rather put on a show of people sitting in a house wired up the kazu and yelling at one another. Big whooping deal. Firefly had a soul, a heart, a following, and best of all.. it had a freaking story? Guys, come on. Time to get beyond the 'reality' crap and back to real television. Bring Firefly back! Bring Firefly back! Bring Firefly back!

ND: Okay. Okay. We get it. Is there someone else you think is just as gorgeous as Captain Mal?

Mal: *blushes* There is a certain landscaper, but he doesn't know I exist.

ND: Are you sure about that?

Mal: *tilts head*

ND: What's his name?

Mal: Reece Simpson. He's one of Dakota's best friends and owns a local landscaping business. Tall, broad shoulder, tanned golden from the sun, and loves to put his hands in the dirt. So outta my league. *sighs*

ND: Perhaps things could change. I have a question from a reader. May I?

Mal: Sure.

ND: This is from reader, Cheryl. Is that special chocolate cake you created your favorite food?

Mal: *laughs* Chocolate. The greatest stuff in the world. I'll take anything chocolate.

Thank you for talking with us, Malcolm.

Mal: You’re welcome. Bye everyone! Talk soon.

Here is where you can find Malcolm and Reece's story:
Southern Charm 3 – On the Green
Totally Bound Publishing:
All Romance E-books:

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