Saturday, November 24, 2012

Amber Kell's Birthday - Wandmaker #23

What you're all waiting for...... Wandmaker #23!!!

Silvan woke up to the feel of a warm body wrapped around him. Grinning he opened his eyes to see the love of his life sleeping beside him. Cebrus slept hard as if there were nothing to fear but if there was he trusted Silvan to take care of it. That sort of confidence was inspiring and frightening at the same time.

He needed Cebrus to need him because without his mate he had nothing. A knock at the door roused him.

“Come in,” he called out.

Sir Meliv entered giving a low bow when he reached the middle of the room. If you’re done lazing about your highness we have everything ready for you after you have your morning meal.

Silvan scowled at Meliv. “Lazing about?”

Meliv had trained with Silvan since they were kids which gave him more freedom than others to speak his mind or at least he thought so.

Meliv tilted his head. “I have to admit if I had something that pretty in my bed I’d be reluctant to leave it too.”

“Get out Mel I’ll wake Cebrus and let him know it’s time to get going.”

“Do you think he’ll stay with you?” Meliv’s suddenly serious tone took Silvan by surprise. “Wand makers aren’t known for staying in one place.”

“Mine will because I won’t suffocate him. He’ll be free to come and go as he pleases as long as he takes some of my knights with him.” He gave Meliv a pointed look.

“Great. I see a lot of traipsing around the countryside in my future.” Shaking his head Meliv left.

“Interfering bastard!” Silvan grumbled.

“Your friend is just concerned about you,” Cebrus said.

“Oh you are awake. Playing at dead kitten were you?”

Cebrus made a face. “Couldn’t it at least be sleeping kitten?”

Silvan laughed. “Okay kitten you heard Mel. Let’s get dressed. We’ve got a lot of road to cover if we’re going to get back in time for our wedding.”

“Is that supposed to encourage me to get up or make me drag my heels?”

Silvan gave into impulse and tickled Cebrus mercilessly.

“Oh. Stop. I’m sorry,” Cebrus screamed.

“I thought so!” Silvan kissed Cebrus on the nose and slid out of bed before his lover discovered all Silvan’s ticklish spots. For a veteran knight Silvan had amazingly sensitive skin.