Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Southern Charm 2: By the Numbers

With permission to begin construction and repairs on the Southern Charm, Sullivan "Sully" Tarleton can't wait to start bringing the old hotel back to new life. He and his crew jump on the tear-down until he overhears his friends talking about picking up the accountant at the airport. Volunteering since he needs to head that way, he doesn't know the changes this accountant will bring to his life.

Suffering from severe OCD and additional issues after growing up with a hoarder parent, Chandler Braddock prefers to keep his surroundings neat, perfect, organized, and minimal. A reason he enjoys working with numbers. They would always balance out, match up to others, and able to track. Often refusing to leave his New York office, he gives in when his best friend, Samuel, requests his presence in Florida. Even when he is met by a sexy, messy carpenter, he doesn't want to give up his orderly life.

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