Monday, October 4, 2010

Dragon's Sanity is Released!

Dragon’s Sanity  Book 2 McDrakken Warriors

Lyrical Press, Inc. (

Can an amnesiac warrior recover his memories in time to find his missing love and help his entire race?

      The red dragon warrior appeared out of a storm, a traumatic injury, leaving him only with the memory of the name of Jackson. Suffering from agonizing seizures, he dreams and draws intricate portraits of the same ethereal woman.

       After a making his way across the snowy lands to the remote cabin he’s seen in his dreams, Jackson tries to unlock the door of memories to discover who he--and the woman haunting his vision--are.

       Will the angelic face of his dreams be the one to open the door or will the darkness of his missing past overwhelm any chance of love and recovery?

 Content Warning: A sexy dragon warrior chivalrous to the core. He can just as easily handle a sword, a drawing pencil, or skim a finger over a woman’s body. An evil Councilor’s defiance against destiny and a beloved leader.


       Jackson hissed when her fingers drifted away from his thigh. Unable to let go of the tentative provocative connection, he took hold of her hand. Lifting it, his thumb brushed against her fingertips. Staring at the various palm lines, he traced a forefinger down the creases. Though her hand was soft and feminine, he found evidence of the hard work it took to upkeep the cabin and land at the base of her fingers.

       A shiver raced up the arm he held. Lifting her hand, he pressed his lips lightly to the tips. His tongue slipped out to touch her skin. When a gasp left her, he looked up and met Marissa’s eyes.

        “Mari, I… It’s been a while,” he whispered.

        “Ssh,” she said, pressing her other fingers to his mouth to shush him. “I understand. I’ve wanted you since you walked inside my home.”

       His eyes widened at her answer, and he looked at the area around them. He brushed back the papers and gently drew her down to the lush, thick rug warmed by the fire. He heard a growl from Snow. Snarling back, Jackson grinned when the dog trotted off.

 Available from Lyrical Press, Inc.

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