Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Submission

Gotta keep writing and putting work out there.  So, yes indeed. I hit sent on a submission - Unholy Angel - off to another e-publisher. Keeping my fingers cross for hopeful news. It's an interesting little novella full of angels, incubus, Fallen angel, demons, vampires, and weres. A world split into realms - Heathen (the realm of demons, Fallens, Vampires, and weres), Earth, Aequitas (the realm of justice and a special prison), and the Heavens (the realm of the Angels and the Hierarchy Trio who governs all the realms).

Unholy Angel is the story of an Archangel from the Aequitas Realm - Cassiel and the only female incubus known to the world, Kieranna. Can this dark incubus condemned to die find a way to break through preconceived notions to give this Guardian the taste of an incubus's kiss?

In other news, I signed up to write a Christmas story. Soon, a yummy, but overworked celebrity chef named Logan began whispering his story in my ear and dreams about his mishap in a blizzard that ended in a warm delight of passion. But in whose arms will he end up? I'm still finding that out while he finishes his story.

** Christmas Book removed from Publisher. To be revised, reprinted, and a new cover!

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