Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaNo Time & New Contract

So much to say.. so far behind.

It is day 10 of NaNoWriMo (http://www.nanowrimo.org). For those who haven't heard of this wonderful site, you sign up (for free) to write a 50,000 word novel from midnight Nov 1st to Midnight Nov 30th. One complete novel. This doesn't mean writing one word 50,000 times. Uhuh.. You need to figure out characters, plot, action, dialogue and all that is around it within this steadfast deadline that looms ahead of you.

Me.. I'm 15,925 words in my new YA fantasy novel. I wasn't planning on writing a YA. I wanted to work on a new paranormal romance, but it didn't happen that way. I wasn't sure what to write up until Nov 1st hit me. Then a few days before, these young characters came forward and started talking to me.

First, a young man captured and held during the time of the Holocaust started telling me his story. Then came another young lady who bound herself in special ribbons to hold back her magic. Slowly, seven teens in all, from various paranormal races and historical times, came forward to combine into one team. Leading them is a powerful sorcerer called Alistair.

Their powers are only beginning to be understood. Two characters have yet to appear in the story. The evil they are facing is still a very BIG unknown. Not sure what they will face, if they even face it in this beginning story... Though, it's something I could see being publish when it's cleaned up and better organized. I can see these teens coming together, each one coming forward in a story their own, but adding to the team, not taking over.

We'll see as NaNo continues on and the words keep adding up to the final count. That's the beauty of NaNo, you never know what it'll throw at you and your pesky muse.

As for the new contract... Well.. I'm still in complete and utter awe of this. My novella, Dragon's Grace, was accepted by Lyrical Press, Inc. I found this wonderful email in my inbox when I woke up on Nov 1st, all ready to begin NaNo. Instead this email made me stop, cry in glee when I read those wonderful words, and dance around my apartment. I even made the titillating news announcement to my parents and grandparents when I saw them later for dinner.

Sigh.. A first true novella with my name on the cover. As more news comes along, I will pass it on.

Until then, happy dreams. Happy writing.

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