Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A simple update

For a writer, I have no trouble coming up with ideas for a new story. I often have multiple ideas coming up in my crazy mind. Almost any time I get the need to write, I pull up different wips to add too depending on what I want to work on. Unless there is one particular story I'm working on to get out as a submission, then I knuckle down and concentrate just on that.

So, why is it so hard to come up with blog ideas? :: one virtual shrug ::

Here's just a simple update on things then... Nothing retrospective or interesting. Just a simple post.

Dragon's Grace - Nocturne Bites - still waiting for 12 weeks now.
Familiar Protection - Lyrical Press - just clicked over for one week.
This is Gideon's story and still dear to my heart. After the disappointing R from Samhain, I turned attention back to it. I pulled it apart once again, finding holes that needed to be filled, and went through to add things back in. Even got another CP's view on it. I needed more about Layla, my heroine. She was rather bland against the power and grace of Gideon and his background. It needed to be her story as well as Gideon's. I added more about her life on the other side of the barrier. Information about her home, her company, even an ex who helped her focus on what she needed for her life, more about her family and the pressure placed on her destiny. I hope that this brings her forward and into the eyes of the reader.

Once again, multiple stories in progress... I can't seem to work on just one at a time. It's strange, but that's me.
Let's see..what's out there..

Unholy Angel - a paranormal/erotic story of a incubus/angel heroine meets up with an Angel. I though this was just going to be a m/f story, but now another male has put his foot down and is with the Angel. so I now have a m/m and m/f areas. Perhaps I will have both males with her, but will see. The various realms are shaping up - Aequitas is the prison/justice realm, Heaven is for Angels, Heathen is for the demons/fallen/para area, and then there is the mortals area.

Cruising Adventure - a m/m contemporary story that popped in my mind - but a very bad title. These two males just popped in, almost fully fleshed, a lot of the various scenes coming forward like a movie in my mind and begging to be put on the screen. I hope this one works out as well, it's my first true m/m story and I hope it can appeal to readers.

Presents contest - still figuring out idea for this contest. I do wish to enter and need to work on the first chapter and synopsis. Had something come out, but I want to go back and rewrite it, start at a different point in their relationship.

Tatsuya Series - my first Dragon series that I tried for Bites. I want to take the first story and really stretch it out, simplify the world/mythology and expand on the story, the characters, and plot. It moved too fast and too much was in it for such a short story. It definitely deserves to be lengthened and added too. Plus there are other yummy characters that are clamouring for their own stories.

Those are the main wips, but one never knows what the next idea could bring.

Hope everyone out there has their own ideas, dreams, and lives working out for them.

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