Monday, July 27, 2009

Funny Moments with Kitties

In the process of moving from my little apartment to a nice upgrade, crazy things are happening and life is getting filled up with organizing, packing, tossing out, and figuring out just how to pack up all the boxes but leave room for me and the kitties to move around.

After a series of boxes impaired the kitties' movement to the awaiting litter boxes, I heard all about it from the older one. Rather vocal and upset about how I dared place boxes in her way. Even though her little fur-ness could leap over them without a thought. So, I had to stop with what I was doing, quickly move the boxes out of her way, give her lots of aplogies and pettings and let her go and do her business.

The other craziness with packing - cats and boxes. What is it about the appeal of boxes to kitties?? I will never know. What I do know is that with every single box I bring into the apartment, my older one must sniff and approve each one before it's allowed in her territory. I know she approves once she starts rubbing a cheek against it. Since I started building a mound of boxes, I watch my cat jump up and down all of them, disappearing into some for a snooze or play. Both kitties will chase each other around the place, zigging and zagging around the boxes, leaping over ones they can, in mad order chaos.

Ahhh... Moving... And people wonder why I stayed in my only apartment for the last 7 years.

Well, after watching the 12-year-old leap in and out of all the boxes with apparent ease, I was waiting for the younger one to do the same. She's been a scaredy cat with all the goings on and taken to hiding under the bed for the most part. Until this past weekend...

Well, my kitten decided that she wanted to leap into a tall box and see what her sister was doing. So she was on the floor, judged the height, wiggled the butt and tail and leaped. Only it didn't work out quite the way she wanted. She got stuck halfway with her belly on the edge. Oh yes, perfectly balanced on the edge right on her little fat belly. Her front end deep in the box. With a tail, butt and hind legs sticking out, wiggling and wheeling like crazy.

I couldn't help myself. I busted out laughing, couldn't take a picture, or help her I was laughing that hard. My laughter got worse when the older kitty came to watch the baby, but didn't help. I think she was amused too.

After a minute of struggling (my laughing), kitten got her claws in the box, backed out of it. Got to the ground and booked it under the bed and stayed there the rest of the day. I'm sure she's probably plotting revenge on box and me for laughing.

Ahh.. Moving with kitties. Never a dull moment.

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