Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News and Ideas

Ever so sorry that I've disappeared for so long. Tax season has come to my office and is eating up a lot of my daytime hours. At night, my home computer is so slow that it feels like I'm on dial-up on my cable connection. I think it's about ready to begin its long slow death to computer heaven. Sigh, another one down...

Other than that, had a bit of painful news this week. Got a rejection letter from Ravenous for a short story. It wasn't unexpected now that I look over the story now. More sex and no story - which isn't all that good. So, I shelved it.

Still working on my Familiar's story for Samhain. It's coming along actually better than I thought. Easily added in over 5000 words and added in multiple scenes and increased current scenes. Finished chapter one and sent it to a cp to see if I kept the same feeling throughout the updates. That's the fear that I didn't keep the same aura and scope thru the story. I can't lose what it initially had to bring it to the attention of the editor.

Then, during a drive home from the office, my mind began rolling through another idea. It was an opening scene of a witch/sorceress standing on a turret of a small castle staring up at the sky at a lone dragon flying over. She wants to capture this dragon from the other land and hold him for her own lover, slave, or pet. All she knows is that he is a powerful dragon warrior and shifts back to one of the most handsome men in the lands. Until now, he has felt disdain for her family and land and has fought multiple battles on opposing sides.

Only now, in this small hidden castle, with a powerful special arrow, can she bring him down in a way that will not injure him, but make him powerless for her to capture.

What will this come too?? I’m not sure, but gonna look forward to binding this powerful dragon while this sorceress has her delicious way to him. Will he come to his knees and realize she’s his ultimate match? Hmm…

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