Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SWEATY SEX: A Sex & Sports Anthology is OUT!!

You can now purchase SWEATY SEX: A Sex and Sports Anthology at Ravenous Romance. Go to:
You can find the cover on the front page or under the Real Man Romance section!!
I hope you enjoy my story - Mixed Doubles - a steamy tennis story that is on and off the court hottness!!
Who hasn't fantasized about hot, sweaty sex with an athlete? Or a teammate? The Sweaty Sex Anthology gives you a whole book of gay and straight erotic short stories that explore these fantasies, including:
A university girl has a hot crush on a sexy swimmer she sees at practice each morning and wants to put the moves on him before she can make any more mistakes.
A lusty reporter is determined to get the scoop on a hunky foreign hockey player but finds some sexy surprises instead.
A young wrestler goes to the mat with the man of his dreams.
Sexy football players, tennis players, baseball players, basketball junkies, martial artists and bowlers all explore their naughtiest, dirtiest fantasies. Lusty athletes gladly exert themselves, pushing their bodies, and each other, and aren't afraid to get a little bit sweaty.
John Jokel
Brandi Woodlawn
Roxy Harte
Nicole Dennis
Heidi Champa
David Montoya
J. L. Benet
Alexandra Rowan
Jen Bluekissed
Bradley Church
Brit M
Ron Radle

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