Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Single Story vs Series Story

As I write stories or get new ideas for future stories, I realize that most of mine involve families or groups. So most are not just about one man and one woman. One or both of the characters have other siblings and family members outside this initial story that either add or caused the story to start or continue.

For instance, in one story that is in progress - a young woman appears on a rocky outcropping overlooking the ocean. She is sent years back in the past of their home location by her older sisters who were 'testing' her abilities. While trying to figure out where she is, she is captured by a dragon and wakes up in the arms of a handsome man who seduces her, draws her into his life and the story of the dragon. Until it is time for her to return to the present and teach her sisters the same lesson about screwing around with someone's destiny and fate.

Even though this story is still in progress, I'm getting snippets of ideas about her returning to her sisters and sending each one - one by one - through the rifts of time to find their own destiny and potential mate.

I even have a huge series in the wings that I've worked on since high school - off and on - about a company of undercover agents - not government per say - and their adventures and romance. Part of me wants to add a spin of paranormal to each one to flesh them out even further. They all intermingle and entwine with one another and the company plays a major background role and setting.

Since I could read, I've always read series books - all the Sweet Valley series, the Babysitter's Club, and then growing up into various series. Even know, if I love one book in a series, I end up buying the entire set so I don't loose track of the wonderful characters and storylines going on.

Does anyone else find themself writing more series-based stories with hope they will all come out?? or stay strictly with single based stories??

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