Friday, February 6, 2009

Catching Up 2

Sigh... It's Friday... What a rough week this seems to have been... I don't know why either.

Let's see... Monday I wasn't feeling good and spent most of the day in bed or curled in my papasan chair with a furry kitty on the lap or close to me. The nice thing was that I finished a couple of very good books this week... which ones?? hmm... the latest by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Dream Warror, Kresley Cole's Kiss of a Demon King, Rachel Vincent's - Pride, and Jacquelyn Frank's Ecstasy. And then I have more. Also flipped through a few e-books as well. Got more lined up for the weekend.

Update on submissions:
Samhain - Gideon's story - nothing yet
Ravenous - Between Best Friends - nothing yet.

My very first interview was out with Jesse Blair at:
My story - Dinner with Pleasure - will be out with the Ambrosia Anthology due to come out on Valentine's Day. Quickie hint for the story: After a rough week, Colleen Grady comes home to find instead of a planned meeting with her future in-laws, her fiancĂ©, Leonardo DeMartini, cooking up a storm. On the menu, a little relaxation, a little dinner, and pleasure – Italian style.

Update on writing:
Not much writing happened this week... bits here and there.. mostly just ideas swirling in the head. I'll try and get something rolling this weekend, maybe even later today. Who knows...

Other than that, been a long week. Probably because all that artic air that dropped once again into Central FL. Sigh... Supposed to be warming up this weekend and next week before another artic blast comes down. At least the kitties will be happy, they'll have open windows for the next few days to curl up against.

Hope yours is going better...

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