Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catching Up

Phew... It's been a few days since I last posted. Eek... Sorry about that.

Not much happened on Saturday other than the kitties finding a new place to curl up. On a pile of my drying sweaters and towels. When one was stretched out across the top, the other kept climbing up the chair and standing up on the table trying to get the other to move. And then the reverse happened. For most of the day, one or the other or both were on my sweater pile. Sigh... Of course I would have put a black sweater that shows every single cat hair on the top for them to lay on. They were none to pleased when mommy dismantled the pile and took it all away.

On Sunday - I paused in my writing to clean my little apartment from top to bottom. Even to the point of moving furniture and other things to thoroughly dust and vaccuum everything. I was pretty proud of myself. The kitties just looked on wondering what the heck I was doing and then disappearing when the vaccuum started roaring.

By the time I finished, my friends arrived for an afternoon of girl time. We laughed and ate away the afternoon, back to our old antics with me being caught in the middle. Of the three of us - I'm the most quiet and they razz me all the time. They mean good though until I pop in with a shocker statement that makes them think twice about what's going through my head.

Both are still wondering how me - the single one of the group - can get the steamy ideas of being an erotica romance writer. I just tell them it's an overactive imagination. With just a battery buddy at the moment, I let my mind soar wherever it wants in that sensual world. For now, it's keeping me full of ideas.

Speaking of ideas... still working on a short story I want to send to Raveneous - what they call a Rendevous. I have the picture in my head but it's being stubborn when I'm trying to get that image into words. Why is it? I know what I want to write.. but it just doesn't want to come through. It's very irritating and a very important scene. It connects the scenes I already have and increases the sensuality level that I desire to put in this story...

A story of a woman waiting for a lover to show up, but someone she hadn't thought of in her bed appears behind her instead and enacts of all of her fantasies that she only told her best friend.

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