Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy & A New Idea

Oh, man, today has been busy busy busy!!

Another looooooooong to-do list on my memo pad. Luckily, most of it has been checked off over the course of the day. As soon as I got in, I've been working. Stuffing envelopes... Stuffing more envelopes... and more.. then stuffing my own envelopes for my job - tax organizers. I still have another set to do but my poor fingers are crying for relief.... In between, I've been tied up with so many other things.

And of course need to fill out more paperwork to update my college loan stuff.... I'll be paying till I'm old and gray... wait, I'm already going gray... we'll just say I'l pay until I'm in my grave and maybe even after that. Still, I loved my time in college and wished I made more of it at the time, but that's hindsight for you.

:: hold on.... work interrupts once again ::

Okay.... I'm back. Sigh...

On to the idea... I always get new ideas when working on a current wip, but I'm also working on various wips at the same time. It just seems to be a thing I do, I've done that for years. Perhaps since I get stuck in one area on a wip, I hop over to another that's nagging me to work on it.

For the last few days.... which is telling me this is a strong idea... I have the image of a lady standing near a meadow, staring up at a night sky, with snow falling around her. All around are various colored cougars/mountain lions/pumas interacting in different ways, from playing, to cavorting in a more sexual fashion, to tracking and killing, and all other feline activities. A daughter of this pride/clan, she's supposed to change into her cougar - crying in her mind - but she's unable to transform into the cougar. She has some of the genetics, but not the one to physically change her form. While she may be a part of the pride, she's still an outcast. On this night, a night of the equinox/season change, when most unmated cougars find a mate or potential mate to produce new litters in the warm months, she has this craving as well. Because of her outcast - she is alone. Until she catches sight of the other 'outcast' of the pride - a pure-white cougar - prowling on the edges. When their eyes meet, he bounds away in the snow and she takes off after him.

After that.... well, I'm still working on it. Trying to just get it down on the screen first before it all disappears.

We'll see if it turns into something...

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